Friday, July 24, 2015

Bring me to Brimfield!

Living in Massachusetts can be a bit boring. Sure, we've got Boston and all its perks, but other than that? It's kind of Boringtown, USA.  The one thing we DO have is the Brimfield Show.

Brimfield is a small town in southern Massachusetts that is the home of the biggest antique/vintage shows in the country. Brimfield actually only 20 minutes or so from my hometown, another small town. Let's just say the entire area surrounding Brimfield is full of small towns that no one has ever heard of.

But back to the show! The Brimfield Show is pretty much the mecca of all things vintage and antique. Located on Route 20, the show covers a 1 mile radius on both sides of the street. There are thousands of vendors there every year, selling some amazing (as well as odd) stuff. People travel to Brimfield from all over the USA for this show.

The Brimfield Show only happens 3 times a year: one week in May. one week in July, and one final week in September. I go at least once every year. If I can make it in September, it's usually tolerable. If I am stuck going in July, it is usually extremely HOT - and that is exactly what I got to experience last week when I spent one of my vacation days at the show with Red (who, by the way, was my personal photographer there and got all these amazing shots for me! Thank you!). We go every year together and always leave with some good finds. This year was my best year yet!

The show is primarily antiques - furniture, records, signage, factory parts, wooden crates, steel and metal artwork, old toys, etc. The last year or two, vintage clothing has started to take over. The show now has its own Vintage Tent and this year, I spotted so many other vendors selling vintage throughout the show outside of the dedicated tent. This was great for me! I am so happy vintage clothing has started to dominate the show!

Essentially, you can find all kinds of things there. It's why I knew it'd be a great backdrop to show off my very first romper I got recently from ModCloth.

I wanted to take the swing and big S home but Red told me I wasn't allowed...that and they wouldn't fit in my car!

I've never worn a romper but this one is top notch. It was so light and airy in the harsh hot sun we were dealing with all day (and I mean it - we were there for nearly 6 hours! I can't believe I don't look like a melting popsicle in some of these shots!).

Paired with my coveted ruby red Chuck Taylors and my new Sleepyville Critters novelty purse I scored off Zulily a couple weeks ago, I was Brimfield ready head to toe!

Let's focus on this purse for a second, can we? I mean...the ketchup on the fries! The strawer in the drink! The little triangle of cheese on the burger! Ugh! I couldn't handle its cuteness. And so I bought it. It's a teeny tiny thing but it will work perfectly for outings like this when I don't need much besides some cash, my keys, my ID, and my phone. Oh and my trusty measuring tape for the beauty that is the Vintage Tent!

Brimfield is a day commitment. We get there by 10am usually and don't get through it until 3 or 4. We don't even see everything! It's next to impossible to see every tent for there is a new stand around every corner! It's insane! But so fun! There's a tasty little food court in the middle so we always take a break halfway through for a cold drink and some lunch. There's a mac and cheese truck that's always there, run by a sweet middle aged couple - my kind of people! Then we always have to grab an Orange Soda Float from the ice cream stand or a frozen Del's lemonade on our walk out. It's just such a fun day and I am so glad it was part of my vacation last week!

So...wanna see what I purchased this year? Sure you do!

A vintage fluffy, soft as a cloud, lilac petticoat, 3 ice cream die cuts from the 50s, and an adorable vintage denim skirt with embroidered strawberries on it!