Tuesday, September 6, 2022

XOXO (Sarsparilly)

I've been ADORING Sarsparilly lately. After working with them recently, their dresses quickly rose to the top of my list with how PERFECTLY they fit and how lovely the quality of the items I received was. I am still impressed by the pieces. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Greatest Gift of All (Sarsparilly)

 WTF, it's May!? When in the world did THAT happen? And did I just blog two weeks in a row!? The moon must be full! Mercury must be in retrograde! You get the idea...

I'm back at it with another beautiful Sarsparilly dress. This one BLEW ME AWAY. Fresh from their new Love collection, the Gift dress is quite frankly, a masterpiece. The sateen fabric is such high quality, the bow detail on the neck is exquisite (not to mention tacked down so it stays flat wear after wear!), the peekaboo at the chest is sassy, and the button at the top of the neck in the back is an adorable detail. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Sarsparilly)

 Well, howdy! Been a hot minute since I last blogged, eh? 😬

The first title that came to mind as I was styling this outfit was Punk Rock Princess but since the dress is called the Shimmy Shake dress, I felt an ode to the band Hello Goodbye was a better fit than Something Corporate. Clearly, Sarsparilly's new Cosmic Girl line has me feeling ALL the 2000's emo punk vibes!