Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's Sara Reading? July Edition

Ok, real talk - didn't I JUST post for June? Why does it feel like each month is flying by faster than the previous one? STOP, TIME, JUST STAAAHPP!

This edition of "What's Sara Reading?" is a shortie. Just 3 reads to share. I want to say it's because I'm just so busy doing awesome summer things but...who am I kidding?

It has been a fast moving month, though. I didn't have any shows to travel to in the past month or so so it's definitely been nice to just enjoy summer and have some fun with Cody and our friends. We've had a party or two at the house, spent a weekend in NH with Cody's family, and celebrated my birthday all dressed up on a boat cruise in Boston. Love any opportunity to get fancy!

Some big news on the reading front, though! I have decided to join the rest of the world in the modern age and get a Kindle! I love me some books, some real, physical, made-with-paper books, but let's face it - they're clunky, they take up so much room (I have no more shelf space!), and they can get expensive if they're hard cover. Ugh! I also love to keep my books in my purse and take them wherever I go and when a book arrives and can't fit in my purse? I feel so defeated.

So I decided it was time! The Kindle can easily fit in my purse, I can stock up on books when I travel, I can save some money when I binge on new books, and I can use my book shelf for something new! OK, I may keep just a few favorites...

I will still post monthly to this series but the format may change. Why not give it a re-vamp? It's the perfect time!

1. The Fuck-It List by Julie Halpern
What do you do when your best friend gets diagnosed with cancer? Make a bucket list! The girls in this book call it a Fuck It List instead an both agree to try to cross as many off as possible. This was such an easy and quick read. I gobbled it right up! What I liked about it was how along with the bucket list plot, there were so many other side stories! I loved the characters a lot in this one but got annoyed halfway through when it started to get cliche. How many times are we gonna see characters in YA fiction that meet a boy/girl, start to fall for them, but then chicken out and get scared to be close to someone and freak out? OH COME ON! It's such a cliche and honestly so bogus. It's totally a movie/book ploy. It's not real. It's just lame! Once the story got past that, it wrapped up well.

2. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Oh man, I wanted so badly to love this. It's a best seller - about a young blind girl in Europe when the Nazis invaded. It is also about a young man that starts to work for the force (I know there's a word for it, but I am blanking!). Cody's mom let me borrow it after she read it, but I just...lost interest. It bothers me when a book's summary describes something that seems like a prominent story line only to be more than halfway through it and STILL not seeing that story line happen - in this, it's the coming together of two stories. I feel ripped off when it happens! Maybe the coming together of their stories ISN'T a prominent story line in this book but it sure came off that way in the description! Yet it took almost 400 pages to see the connection happen. Also, this book jumps around in time. Each section of the book is labeled by year. All good. But some chapters also move back and forth and it isn't labeled! I don't like having to figure out where the heck we are in the next chapter when I've got my reading groove on.

3. My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Wanga
I've been reading a lot of books lately about depression and teenage suicide lately and I don't know why. I don't think it was intentional but quite a few recently were dark. This was definitely one of them! It had great character development but I kind of felt like it was a joke at first. The main character finds a boy on a suicide discussion board website and they agree to commit suicide together and at first, when they meet, it just seems silly. They come off sort of like whiny teenagers who are just too angsty for their own good. Thank God the characters did get better as we learned more about them. It saved the story for me. I think I just don't enjoy these kinds of stories - it gets old, especially for someone like me, who has never once considered suicide or never felt such depression. I've been around it - it runs in my family - but it's just not me.