Friday, July 31, 2015

Andrew & Jen Are Engaged!

I met up with Andrew and Jen last weekend, early on Saturday morning to beat the forecasted storms. We photographed in two great spots in central Mass - Moore State Park and Purgatory Chasm. We couldn't have asked for better weather - it was even a bit chilly at times! The sun hid behind the clouds for most of the morning and there wasn't a hint of humidity in the air. It was perfect!

After spending some time in the peaceful Moore State Park, Andrew and Jenn had a costume change and then we headed off for what we dubbed an adventure at Purgatory Chasm - a popular hiking spot with trails and a chasm naturally created with boulders as big as skyscrapers. It's quite the playground for rock climbers, I imagine!

While at Purgatory, we definitely took a wrong turn out of the chasm and ended up on a half hour hike - it was an adventure indeed! It was amusing to say the least! We made it through in the end and got some great engagement photos for them to boot!

Andrew and Jen both teach at the Grow School, where they work close with special needs students. You can tell they truly care about their students by the way they talk about them.

I asked if their students knew of their soon-to-be marriage and they laughed, sharing how some kids didn't seem to notice while others caught on right away and even demanded they be a part of the wedding!

I assured Andrew and Jen that their engagement session was great practice for their big day (their wedding day will actually take place this very weekend next year!) but once we got started, it was clear practice wasn't something they needed at all! They clearly knew how to relax and enjoy each other's company.

On the way to Purgatory, I asked to hear their proposal story and Andrew laughed. He planned to surprise Jen on New Year's Eve this past year and his buddy, believing he proposed on Christmas, almost ruined it for Jen via text message!

In the end, it wasn't a bust and as the clock struck twelve, Andrew got down on one knee.

What a sweet way to ring in the New Year, right?

I am so excited for Andrew and Jen's wedding next year. Do I really have to wait a whole year to hang out with these two again?

As you can tell, they are so on top of things and have most of their planning figured out. I anticipate a very chilled out bride next summer when I meet up to photograph the big day!