Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pretty Picnic Dresses & Scrumptious Pie Necklaces

Holy crap, it's the last week of July! Hot damn, this summer has been flying by! In a little over a month from now, I am off to Amsterdam to execute a tradeshow called IBC. It's actually been awhile since I had to travel overseas for a show (CABSAT in Dubai was back in March!) so I've strangely been looking forward to it. It's kind of exciting - I get to see a new place and live in a new culture while meeting some of our customers and spreading awareness of our company and products. It's cool to see it come together.

Before I take off, though, I am trying to enjoy the summer as much as I can! I definitely made the most out of my vacation a couple weeks ago and am hoping to fill August with some fun stuff as well. One element of fun stuff will definitely be dresses. ALL THE DRESSES!


This dress, the Pretty Picnic Dress from ModCloth, has been one of them! Isn't the most summery dress you've ever seen? It was one of those moments I spotted it, figured out my size, and purchased it. It helped that it was on sale, too. I was surprised to discover, though, that I should have sized down! I originally ordered the UK 12 (as I typically do from UK brands) and found it to be too big! I exchanged it for the UK 10 and was surprised to find it fit like a glove.

I will say if you've got a fuller bust, good luck with that. This dress is definitely made for smaller chested gals. I am just barely a B cup these days and I would say anything bigger will be spilling out. The bust area isn't very stretchy and the cups are pretty shallow so be prepared! Lucky for me, this became one of those times I was appreciative of my smaller chest. Hooray for the IBTC!

Though it is not my typical swing dress structured for a petticoat, I can't get over the flowy-ness and spin-ability of this dress! The skirt is so silky and light, I couldn't help but twirl and twirl. It's just such a pretty dress!

I also absolutely adore the button detail. Sure, they serve no actual button purpose but aren't they adorable? I love a good button! There is even one on the back! Be still my heart!

I knew I had to pair my new lemon meringue pie necklace that I recently scored from Bakery Charms with it. After all, what goes better with a picnic dress than a scrumptious pie? My favorite is lemon meringue. Or key lime (as seen in Monday's post - what is this, pie week?). Or pumpkin. Oh boy, now I'm hungry...

What do you have planned for the rest of the summer? Travel? Concerts? Day trips? DRESSES? I'd love to hear your summer bucket list!