Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Unique Vintage's Dress of the Month Club: July

Happy Hump Day and Happy Mid-Month! As far as Unique Vintage goes, that means this month's Dress of the Month Club has been sent out! I got mine this past weekend and will admit I was hesitant on keeping it. I opened it and just saw a boring navy stretchy dress with a sash.

Due to the sudden heat and humidity takeover we experienced starting on Sunday, I put the dress aside and didn't think much of it for the rest of the weekend. TOO HOT TO FUNCTION!

As I was talking to my co-worker, Jenn, about the dress, she insisted I try it on. I was still hesitant and very sweaty. She asked me to do anyway. I promised her that I would try it on. Just for her. Because she is usually right about these things (it's why I jokingly call her Mom at work).

So I did. I tried it on when I got home that very day and wouldn't you know it, I am keeping it!

At first I was still unsure. I loved the neckline and the length was great on my shortie stature. The sash the dress comes with was just too bulky on me, though. But then I took the sash off and replaced it with a belt of my own and it helped tremendously!

Swapping belts is actually something I do 90% of the time. I just like to change things up, what can I say?

In this case, I wanted a pop of color so I matched this vintage belt I got from Brimfield last year that is made of all kinds of colorful pieces of glass. Then I pulled on a pair of red jelly sandals. It did the trick!

I'm not one to opt for a solid dress or skirt - I often have to force myself to consider colors over patterns when I shop - but this seems like a great staple to have. You never know when there will be a work event that requires a less loud version of myself - as much as I hate to tone it down for anything!

As for the Dress of the Month Club itself, I was going to do it just until July but I may opt for one more month since I returned May's dress. Why the heck not? I feel like I need one more month to truly evaluate the club and have my final verdict on it.

I'd love to hear from other Dress of the Month Club members! Have you gals been feeling the club or not? What have you been receiving?