Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Birthday Suit (or Dress) from Tatyana!

When it's your birthday, you gotta dress up. I think there's a law about that. Somewhere in that big ol' book of laws, there's got to be one about wearing a kickass dress on the day of you birth, right? Oh come ON! Whatever.

In my law book, it states that if it is your birthday, you don't hold back on wardrobe and you wear whatever you want. I mean, hey, if you feel fabulous in sweats and a tank top, be my guest. I, however, saved the second dress I treated myself to back in May when I was in Vegas for EMC World.

I visited the Tatyana Boutique while there and fell in love - total love - over the Frozen dress. It fit like a glove (I mean it fits as if it were made for me - I love when that happens!) and I knew it was meant to be. Gosh, it was love at first sight. My favorite kind!

The dress has so many puffy layers that I didn't bother with a petticoat - it's full and fabulous all on its own!

I knew it wasn't your everyday "wear it to work" kind of dress so I admired it from its perch in my dressing room, wondering when I'd get to wear it. I couldn't think of a better time than my birthday! Sure, it's not going anywhere special (okay, I'm totally kidding! Cody is taking me on a dinner cruise in Boston on Sunday - fancy!) but this dress will have its moment!

It's my birthday and I'll wear what I want to!

It cracks me up that this dress is called Frozen. It makes me wonder if the "flowers" on it are actually supposed to be snowflakes and I'm wearing this dress 6 months too early. But hey, I love winter and isn't there a such thing as Christmas in July?

See? I thought of it all, folks!

Do you plan special outfits for your birthday when it comes around every year? What do you like to do for your birthday?