Monday, July 6, 2015

My Virtual Birthday Cake: Mom's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

It's my BIRTHDAY WEEK! It's funny that I decided to do a Birthday week as I sort of dislike my birthday. I don't know, I just don't care to make a big deal out of me. I've always been a giver more than a receiver (hence my love for Christmastime) so it's just weird when it's my turn to have the attention. No thanks!

Anyway, all that hoopla aside, let's focus on the important things here - there will be 3 posts this week leading up to my birthday on July 12th featuring 3 very important elements to a good birthday: what I got myself for my birthday, what I will be wearing for my birthday celebration, and most importantly - THE CAKE.

More specifically? This cheesecake! I am dubbing it my virtual birthday cake to share with all my interweb friends. Everyone has a favorite birthday treat from their childhood. If you're saying no, I don't want to talk to you. You're a liar!

Sorry. I guess I feel strongly about my appreciation for sweets.


Growing up, my mom was always baking with us. She had a small collection of recipes that she'd rotate through but she was always at the ready to make one of her cheesecakes. She actually made a few different kinds growing up - good ol' regular cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, and this one, chocolate chip cheesecake.

Now, I love her chocolate cheesecake. It's super rich, decadent, and a chocolate lover's dream from head to toe (cheese to crust?) but when she'd opt for her chocolate chip version, I was even more excited.

I don't know why I prefer her chocolate chip vs her chocolate. I think it's the chips. As you're enjoying a bite of the rich and creamy cheesecake, you get a little crunch and burst of chocolate and it's like biting into little gems of happiness.

Since it's my Birthday and all, I decided to give the cheesecake a teensy makeover. I mean, it's 2015, get with the times, cheesecake. Instead of the crust my mom typically makes it with (a yummy chocolate graham cracker combo), I opted for an Oreo crust instead - because WHY NOT? There ya go, cheesecake, you've been upgraded.

I wish I could offer you a slice of my birthday cake for realssss but since I can't send food through computer screens (come on, technology, what is the hold up?), I figured we'd share it virtually.

Virtual birthday cake is almost as good as real life birthday cake, right? No? Darn...

And since it's my birthday, it's totally fine if I eat every (real) slice by myself, right? RIGHT?

Thought so.

Like my mom's note on the bottom? As if we'd forget how much we liked it!