Friday, July 10, 2015

My Birthday Present to Myself: A New Capsule Vintage Dress!

Do you buy yourself birthday presents?

I do! I splurge and usually allow myself to do some shopping before my birthday. OK, I know, you're thinking don't you shop all year long? Well, yes, I'd say I do shop fairly often and I do give in and buy a dress here and there online when browsing.

But when my birthday comes around and there's a few things I spot that I would typically hold back on, I let myself give in. One of the biggest things I hold myself back on is buying vintage. Oh lovely delicate vintage. It's such an amazing thing to find a beautiful vintage dress in your size - but the price of good vintage can hurt my soul oh so much!

That is why I knew that when I spotted this beauty on Capsule Vintage's Etsy shop, I had found my birthday present to myself. I only hesitated about 30 seconds before pressing "buy" on the app and checking out.

Damn you, Etsy app for making it so quick and simple to buy things!

You've been CV on this blog before - numerous times! When it comes to vintage, CV is who I trust. I have about 4 Capsule Vintage dresses to my name now and love each and every one! Sonja, the owner, never disappoints with her quality, service, and super fast shipping.

"Happy Birthday to me!" I sang as I opened the mailbox and spotted my pretty waiting inside. I may have twirled a bit in the driveway - I may have.

I also can now say I have a green dress in my wardrobe! You heard - up until now I didn't have a single green dress! I seriously lack blue and green in my wardrobe. I don't know why! They're just two colors I tend to overlook.

I've been getting better with the blue these days and now I can say I have improved with green. I don't know why I ignore green - I actually have always liked green! Growing up, my bedroom was green! Not even kidding you.

So even though this is not what I plan to wear for my actual birthday on Sunday (that was revealed on Wednesday - did you see it?), I will happily skip along to work or out with friends in this pretty knowing it was my birthday present to myself, dammit, and I deserved it!