Monday, July 13, 2015

Make It Magnificent Tonight...Atomic!

So, has anyone ever LISTENED to the lyrics of Blondie's "Atomic?" Could there be any less actual words to it? It cracks me up how simple some of the hits actually were back then. Then again, some of today's hit songs are pretty questionable, too...

When I saw Love Ur Look's new atomic line, my heart went a-flutter. I have veered away from black a lot in my wardrobe lately (which is hilarious as black was a staple in my wardrobe a handful of years ago - yeah, I thought I was punk rock back in the day), but every once in awhile, when I find a good print, I give into a darker, bolder kind.

I don't think I hesitated for more than 2 minutes before adding this beauty to my shopping cart. From there, it only took me another minute to press "check out" and send her on her journey to my closet.

I'm sorry, but could you resist?

This dress stood out among the others in the new line. It practically sparkled upon the web page. The red, yellow, and green orbs! The buttons! The cap sleeves! Those little happy triangle pieces on the neckline! The twirl-ability of the skirt! There's so much to love. I have to hand it to Love Ur Look - they know how to rock their details!

This print also comes in a wiggle dress but I am so much more of a swing dress gal -  more of a 50s housewife than I am 50s bombshell, so to speak.

Need cookies? I'm your gal.

Want me to hop on the back of your Harley? Not so much.

Okay, you get it.

This is my second dress from Love Ur Look. My first was so super comfy, I didn't doubt the quality would be equally as great this time around. My only quip is that the dress is clearly suited for taller gals - I've got a lot of room in the shoulders and the waist falls a bit lower than my other dresses - but when you're only 5 foot 2, it's bound to happen!

Have you discovered Love Ur Look yet? What pieces have made it to your wish list?