Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shopping In Seattle: Diva Dollz

A couple weeks ago, as you may recall from last week's Christmas-y post, I spent a few days in Seattle with my co-workers. For the first time, I wasn't traveling to work a booth or any kind of event! Nope! This time, I was spending a couple days in EMC's Seattle office for 2016 planning and some much needed face time with my manager and other team members. I also got to attend their Christmas gala - nothing like getting dressed up, sipping on free drinks, and dancing the night away with co-workers!

It's been such a different experience this year having half my team located on the other side of the country. Jenn, my local teammate, and I have handled it pretty well. I know if I didn't have Jenn sitting beside me, it'd be a different story. Since the team is split pretty evenly, we manage. Jenn is definitely like a manager to me as she has been planning tradeshows for companies for years. I definitely learn a ton working alongside her and love having her guidance when our manager isn't available (or just not awake yet!).

Anyway, I went to Seattle knowing we'd enjoy some good food (Seattle is heaven for foodies!) but I was also hoping for some good shopping! I know from my online shopping and fellow bloggers that Seattle is home to quite the collection of vintage shops. What I didn't know is that Seattle also has quite a few shops that sell vintage reproduction items!

I learned of Diva Dollz from my teammate, April. She spotted the shop only a few blocks from our office one day, snapped some pics of the window, and emailed them to me! I got so excited!

Upon arrival in Seattle, I learned that Diva Dollz was not only a few blocks from the office but right on the next corner from our hotel! It was meant to be! After settling in and unpacking, I ventured out on my own and walked the one block to Diva Dollz.

Immediately, I was overwhelmed as I looked around at a store full of swing skirts, wiggle dresses, retro shoes, and petticoats.

Had I died and gone to heaven?

The sales girl greeted me and within seconds became my new best friend. She helped me look around and select some items to try on. I spotted a lot of items along the lines of Pinup Girl Clothing, Heart of Haute, or Folter. It was so exciting and opposite of home! Boston may have some funky shops but I don't believe we have vintage reproduction anywhere. I buy 99% of my wardrobe offline.

After browsing with delight, I had spotted the Beverly Dress by Heart of Haute on a mannequin in a celery green but the shop didn't have my size in stock. Instead, the sales girl mentioned she had separates that were designed for the shop that were similar. She pulled out the green skirt and then shared that she JUST got the tops in and went to retrieve one from behind the counter for me.

Upon trying the skirt and top on, I was in love. The look is different for me - for one, it's a solid color (although if you look close there is a bit of detail in the fabric) but also, it is very much a 40's silhouette when paired together. I have to say that I am quite smitten with it!

The sales girl was quick to slide this belt around my waist and it was as if it were meant to be. I like that I can pair this skirt with a different top if I want and maybe even slip a petticoat underneath if I want to give it some oomph.

I also think this top would look super cute with a pair of jeans on the rare occasion I do go for a casual look or even tucked into a black wiggle skirt! I am so in love with this set and am glad I splurged and got it for myself!

If you're in Seattle, I hope you check out Diva Dollz. The shop is just full of retro and funky pieces. They had so many sassy shoes and accessories! It was hard not to buy everything in sight! They also have a location in New Orleans. If I am ever down there, I know I will have to make a stop!