Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas in the Office: LindyBop's Renee Green Alpine Set

This is the BEST week EVER! I love love LOVE Christmas! But you know that already, my little cookies. I express my joy of the holiday season all the time!

As I write this post, I am sitting in my hotel room in Seattle, Washington, waiting to get ready for our company's holiday party. Not only am I excited to attend with my team (out of my direct team of 5, 3 of them work out West so it's nice to be togethet!), I hear it is quite a fancy affair. Apparently, our company out here in Seattle goes ALL out with open bar, awesome food, photo booths, dancing, live music, and all out themes. Tonight is Monte Carlo and I have high expectations.

For those wondering, I am wearing my Unique Vintage dress that I received back in August for the Dress of the Month Club but today I want to bring you my absolute favorite holiday themed buy of this year - the Lindy Bop Renee Alpine Set.

I received it right before I left for some 2016 planning in Seattle a couple weeks ago and knew I had to bring it along. What I didn't know was how decked out for the holidays our Seattle office would be! I was overjoyed to see the pointsettas on the stairs and trees everywhere. The office here in Massachusetts does not get so festive. What is that about?

When I spotted the decor, I got my co-worker/work mom/work BFFL, Jenn, to snap some pics for this post. She acted like she had much better things to do but, please. I'm kidding - she was a total trooper and snapped away while I posed among the Christmas joy.

I am so in love with this Renee set. Did you know this is a dress with a short sleeve little jacket on top? I didn't think to remove the jacket for some pics but trust me, the dress on its own is super adorable as well! I could have sized down in the dress (the medium fits comfortably but the straps are definitely big on my short torso and I have a little room at the waist and bust) but the jacket fits perfectly.

Not only is the print divine (and wintry, not Christmasy, so I can wear it well into February or March in Boston!), but the dress is super soft and well made, as many LindyBop garments are. It is also lined with the softest green fabric. It almost feels like jersey material. I am very impressed with the lining.

Basically, there is nothing bad about this one! I may just get the straps taken in if I cannot shrink it in the dryer to suit my shoulder height because I can tell already that this dress will look darling even without the matching jacket - I'm picturing a red belt and cardigan or a dark green cardigan and white belt. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!

The Renee set was a bit of a splurge for me at $72, but it is such a unique set and the fact that it is two pieces made it worth the cost to me. Happy Christmas to me and Happy Christmas to YOU!