Thursday, December 24, 2015

Styled by Cody: An Outfit for the Birthday Boy

For those who don't know, my boyfriend, Cody, was born on Christmas Day. I KNOW! I love it. I think it's cute. I love calling him my Christmas Baby (not in the sense that he was MY baby to have but, you know, baby in the pet name kind of way...oh never mind). Christmas is my favorite day of the year so I love that it is also his birthday! I like to think it was meant to be...

I actually know A LOT of December birthdays. My Bubbie is a Christmas baby with Cody (and she LOVES that they share a birthday, by the way! Have I expressed how much my grandmother loves my boyfriend? She sends him mail and never sends me any. HE GETS MAIL FROM MY BUBBIE, PEOPLE!) and then there's Red on December 30th. My grandfather's was December 28th and there's a whole bunch of other friends in the first weeks of December, too. It's just crazy.

Traditionally, Cody's family has always celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve to give him a day to himself so I thought it'd be fun to celebrate his birthday on the blog the only way I know how - with a style post!

I have been asking Cody to style me for months and he has always laughed at me and never taken my seriously but when I asked him to do it FOR REALSIES in honor of his 25th birthday (he's going to be 25 on December 25!), he actually agreed!

So voila! My outfit styled by Cody!

Watching him struggle with what to pick cracked me up. As he chose one thing but then decided against it and then moved on to a whole other concept but then changed his mind again, I informed him that what he was feeling was how I felt nearly every weekend when deciding what to wear that week.

I helped him through the debate of "a dress or separates" but then let him select each item himself.

I will admit this outfit is exactly what I expected from him. He's your typical man in the sense that he enjoys seeing me in something a bit more on the sexy side so I was not surprised at all when he picked a black wiggle skirt out of my entire skirt collection.

He then chose this blue top and I almost teared up at his choice. Not because the outfit didn't include a single pattern (oh the horror!) but because the top he selected just happens to be the top I was wearing when I interviewed with his company back in 2011. I was wearing this top when he first got a "good look" at me, the new girl interviewing in the conference room. I've always associated this top with that day as well as meeting him so, to me, it's stinkin' adorable that it's the one he happened to pick for this post.

He then accessorized the outfit with a sparkly belt and the snowflake necklace that he gave me for our fist Christmas together as a "serious" couple. Though the outfit isn't something I'd opt to wear myself on any given day, I have to say it was quite the elegant holiday outfit for something upscale, an evening company party or dinner, perhaps.

Finally, the shoes. Is anyone surprised to see that he pulled out my black pumps to tie it all together? Of course not. After all, he's a man.

So Happy Happy Birthday to you, Cody! I always struggle with the right words to explain just how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You're one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my 27 years and the past 4 years with you have been such an adventure. I love you bunches and hope you have a wonderful 25th birthday!