Thursday, December 3, 2015

Portions for Foxes

Bonus points to anyone who knows what my title is referencing!! Post in the comments for a prize (OK I should disclose the prize will be a virtual hug...or high five if you like your personal space)!

Title and invading personal space aside, how adorable is this dress? Look at the foxes! The prancing foxes! There are a few sleepy foxes too! I love it! I have to stop using exclamation points!

The colors of this Heart of Haute dress really caught my eye first. The bright and bold orange against the soft muted aqua work so well. I love the contrast. The cute little foxes didn't hurt either.

For as long as I've known him, Cody has wanted a pet fox. I think he's partly kidding, but they are ridiculously cute as pets. Have you seen the videos of people with pet foxes? They jump on the bed!

Anyway, now whenever I see this print, I think of Cody because of his pet fox fantasy and, hey, I'll take any opportunity to think/talk/gush about my man!

I love that this fall has been pretty mild. Living in New England, I just never know what to expect every year. It can be mild and pretty warm through November (last year on Christmas, it was near 50 degrees F and I didn't even need a coat outside!) or it can be a total terror (blizzard on Halloween, anyone?).

This year has been one of the milder ones, making it much easier to dress the way I prefer - cute dress, puffy petticoat, and a small jacket or sweater. DONE!

I'm hoping this year remains milder. After last year's Snowmageddon, a milder winter would be such a prize for us. I'm a snow lover and winter is my favorite season, but even I was getting sick of the snow last year. I'm talking, standing-in-the-driveway-in-tears sick of the snow.

What are your thoughts on the fall weather? Is it mild where you are? Or has it gotten cold and wintry yet? Do you enjoy the chill or are you getting grouchier and grouchier by the day?

Well, if you're grouchy, just get yourself a dress covered in prancing foxes. It'll cheer you up in no time, I promise!

Pssssst! In case you're curious, the title of this post is a Rilo Kiley song and it's a good one!