Thursday, December 10, 2015

100% Book Worm - and Proud of It!

Happy 5th night of Chanukah! Sick of latkes and dreidels yet? OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT!

I knew this new ModCloth dress had to go live on my blog during Chanukah. Why? Well, in my house, books coincide with Chanukah. OK, if I am being honest, in my house, books coincided with life in general but books and Chanukah kind of went together like PB & J.

I mentioned it in my previous post this week, but I let me review. Growing up, we celebrated both Chanukah and Christmas. As we got older, gifts were separated between the two pretty methodically. We'd often get smaller gifts for Chanukah and larger ones for Christmas.

Chanukah: books, CDs, socks, hair accessories, candy, gift cards, etc.

Christmas: new electronics, clothes, Barbies, dolls, games, outdoor toys, rollerblades, etc.

Does that help? I should have made a colorful chart...

Anyway, as you can see from above, my Chanukah gifts often consisted of books, books, and more books. I didn't complain! As you know from reading my blog's monthly feature of "What's Sara Reading?" I am an avid reader. My whole family is! We got it from my grandfather.

So what better week to wear this beautiful book themed dress than Chanukah week!? That's what I'm saying!

I think I was going for a "sassy librarian" pose here - HA!

I have a few book printed items (skirts, mostly), but I love this fabric a lot. I love how crammed each book seems, piled up high and proud. I also love the shimmery gold details on the books. Not to mention the awesome color palette.

This dress is yet another great item off the ModCloth line. I have purchased a few items from their line and haven't been disappointed yet. ModCloth has done a great job with their own line and really knows their customer base.

Like the Christmas dress I got last month, this one fit similar. It's a medium, which usually would fit me like a second skin (I am in between M and L these days in a lot of things). The ModCloth line seems to run a little big, though, in my opinion, so this one isn't as fitted as I expected. But, same as the Christmas dress, I am not complaining! It fits great for me! It's comfortable and works well with my figure.

The only negative is the neckline. I don't think it flatters as well as it would if it were a little bit lower or a little bit higher. It kind of falls at a weird spot. Perhaps it is because of the busy pattern but because of where it falls, it makes my chest look smooshed when it isn't a snug fit in the bust at all. It's not awful, though, so all-in-all, it's a total win!

So, what do the holidays look like in your home? Does your family stick to a routine/tradition ever year with gifts? Perhaps your stockings are a big deal? Or you open a gift each on Christmas Eve? Or if you celebrate other holidays, are your gifts divided so methodically as ours always were?