Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Miss Fortune-ate

It happened, you guys. IT HAPPENED.

I found a gray hair.

I just turned 30 only 3 months ago and yet, there is was. There it was - this little wiry white sucker sticking out of my head as I brushed my teeth before bed as if to call out  "yoo-hoo! Your biological clock is ticking!"

Well, thanks.

But whatever - it doesn't bother me so much. I didn't think it would. If I am being honest, I never totally understood why we freak out over things we can't control. So we age. We age, get older, and things change that we have no control over such as gray hairs, wrinkles, and other body changes.

I mean, adjusting to a weight shift or body change is stressful, I get that, but things like wrinkles and gray hair? To me, it just seems like part of life and if I wake up with wrinkles or a gray hair sticking out of my head, it's like a badge of honor. I HAVE LIVED!

Okay, I am being a bit dramatic but you get my point. I've never really been one for cosmetics - I don't buy into the makeup/beauty industry and I never felt the need to cover my face or change the way I look. So maybe that has prepared me for these changes but I just don't think women need more things to stress over. In the grand scheme of things, aren't wrinkles and gray hairs just something to laugh at and accept?

ANYWAY! Onto the outfit. I ordered this dress from Miss Fortune UK back in July as a birthday present to myself (and back when I was employed - HA!) but it got delayed in production and didn't arrive until a couple months later. I was TOTALLY fine with that (I was contacted immediately regarding the delay and kept in the loop along the way) once I realized I'd be restricted from spending ANY money this fall because of the wedding but also because, well, I quit my job.

So getting this dress in the mail just last month turned out to be the perfect surprise in my mailbox during a very cloudy period in my life. What a perfectly timed delay!

I opted for the blue chevron print to add more blues into my wardrobe. I have discovered it to be a lot of fun to rock some blue! And I love that this dress has so many shades of blue - it made it really easy to accessorize with these BAIT Footwear Robbie shoes and Splendette bangle that I adore but don't get to wear too often.

I wore this outfit to a job interview on Monday (and snapped these photos on my way there) and was debating whether or not to keep the hair flower in. Part of me wanted to hold back a bit and keep things a bit more, I don't know, professional but then as I drove there, I decided to hell with it and kept the hair flower in.

I typically refrain from novelty prints and anything TOO out there for interviews (opting for plaids, stripes, or solids over say, a dress covered in cats or candy) but in the end I figured, this is 100% me everyday so the interviewer might as well decide as they get to know me if that works for their company or not! Why hold back or hide anything?