Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Halloween Inspiration: Emily Elizabeth

I may not have any actual Halloween plans this year to wear a real costume to but I wanted to keep the annual tradition alive of sharing a fun costume on the blog.

I also noticed a pattern in the last few years of my costumes - I get A LOT of my inspiration from books and childhood nostalgia.

Let's see, in the past 4 years of this blog (CAN YA BELIEVE THAT?), I've shared Madeline, Amelia Bedelia, Lucille Ball, and Angelica Pickles - all females I've admired since I was a kid that you can find in books or on the TV screen. who is next on my nostalgic costume list?

Well, if you haven't caught on yet, I'm Emily Elizabeth, Clifford the Big Red Dog's devoted owner and friend. My sisters and I loved Clifford growing up. I remember so many of the stories and loved the ones when he was a puppy the most.

An Emily Elizabeth costume is actually really easy so feel free to jump on board for a quick, easy, and fairly cheap costume if you get invited to a party last minute.

The only thing I needed to buy to complete this costume were the striped socks. I was going to go for the traditional white blouse and sweater combo, too, but decided to use what I had and figured as long as I had white and pink working with my black skirt and striped socks, I'd have the look nailed.

Obviously, finding a really live Clifford to pose with me would be a bit difficult so I relied on some photo editing magic to add Clifford to my life digitally.  Not too shabby, eh?

Do you have any Halloween plans coming up? Where are you pulling your costume inspiration from?