Tuesday, August 15, 2017

GOOAALLL! My BFF's Soccer Bachelorette Party

For the past few months, I have been working in cahoots with the bridesmaids and invitees for Red's bachelorette party. As maid of honor, planning the bachelorette and shower has been a lot of fun.

What can I say, my day job is a corporate event manager - it's in my blood!

With the help of Red's fiance, Jimmy, and one of the bridesmaids, Bonnie, we decided to get tickets to a New England Revolution soccer game with dinner beforehand at a new and pretty swanky Mexican restaurant called the Scorpion Bar. Red played soccer growing up so we knew she'd be down for a game with all her close gal pals!

When it came to transportation, I knew she'd never expect or ask for a limousine (they aren't even renting a limo for their wedding day) and assume we would drive ourselves wherever it was we were going, so I looked into a limo for the night. In the end, all the gals going were up for splitting it so we went for it and booked a limo so that no one had to worry about driving to the stadium, finding parking, or being a designated driver.

From there, we decided to make it ALL a surprise. All she needed to know was the date, time, and to wear comfortable clothes. We were taking her on an adventure!

So this past weekend, the group of 8 met at Red's apartment for some snacks and champagne (each with its own phallic straw, naturally) and when the limo arrived, we headed outside and told Red to climb in - it was our ride! She was truly surprised and definitely served its purpose to make her excited for the night to come.


Dinner was delicious and we all enjoyed some fun cocktails before heading down the plaza to the stadium for the game. It was my first soccer game and was definitely interesting. Red explained some of it to me as it went, which helped, and in the end, the Revs won!

By the time the game was over, we were POOPED! We party HARD, let me tell ya!

So NOT an attractive angle for me but the rest of the group looks fantastic so I'll take one for the team...


As for what I wore, it may surprise you to see that I wore PANTS! My Collectif overalls, to be exact! Man, I love these things. Since I got them this Spring, I have worn them at every event I execute for work and they are PERFECT as my setup uniform to build up the booth and unpack equipment. I use all the pockets and stay comfy and stylish as I carry boxes to and fro.

Booth building aside, they are super cute and so fun to style! For this occasion, I knew I wanted to stay comfy and cute so I opted out of wearing a dress and immediately put together this New England Revolution inspired outfit with my peasant top from Doll Me Up, sparkly red Chucks, and every red, white, or blue accessory I had at hand, including my Rosie the Riveter brooch. As in, "come on, Revs, we can do it!" AND WE DID!!

All in all, the night was a grand success and we definitely had a blast giving Red one final hoorah as a single gal.

It was definitely a lot of fun keeping Red in the dark and not letting her know a thing about it ahead of time, though it appears as though a few people (myself included!) gave some details away beforehand and she figured out that we had tickets to the soccer game.

Darn our loose lips!