Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sunflower Siesta (Voodoo Vixen Adelyn Dress)

You know how sometimes you see a dress come out and think "that's cute but I so cannot buy one more thing right now" and after that you sort of forget about it?

I admit it happened with this Adelyn dress from Voodoo Vixen. I totally DID forget about it - though I don't know how with it's bold colors and adorable pom-pom trim! Out of sight, out of mind, I guess!

For whatever reason, it was forgotten - long lost in the memory banks.

Then I started seeing it on some mega babes on their Instagrams and blogs. Miss Victory Violet absolutely killed it and then Miss Amy May blew it out of the water. It was as if these ladies wanted to taunt me.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, ladies, I GET IT, OKAY!?

Anyway, fast forward to last month when Doll Me Up had their huge purge sale. I visited to take a look at what was left in my size and was surprised to see the Adelyn dress sitting there, practically glowing from her spot on the page.


On sale for just $30, off it went, into my cart and purchased. TAKE THAT, AMY & ELLA! Look who's having fun now!?

All joking and teasing aside, this dress is precious. Though my wardrobe has less dark tones in it than ever before, I am digging the black with the bright rainbow hues. I love love LOVE the neckline and DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE POM-POMS!

I went with the medium knowing from previous reviews that there was a stretchy panel in the back to help with the fit. Though, there's a bit of room in this and I may even have been able to size down to a small - whaaaaaat?

I love stretchy panels in back, you guys. Why can't all dresses include them? They're a blessing to in-betweenies like me! As I've been explaining a lot lately, I am neither a medium or a large and it's got me all kinds of messed up! Ha! Forget medium or large - I am MARGE! MUAHAHA!

Now, if only these clothing companies knew that and could get their act together...

By the way, how fun and beautiful is this farm? Dame Farm & Orchards is located in Johnston, RI and I knew I needed to visit this summer. They open their sunflower fields every July and you can pick your own - just bring your clippers! We went a bit late in the season so the fields were rather picked through but we managed to find some good spots full of flowers. We also were lucky in the weather. It was supposed to be quite the stormy day and even though we drove through some downpours and clouds followed us everywhere, we didn't feel one raindrop during our time at the farm. WIN!

Red joined me on this adventure and before we hit the sunflower fields, we filled our bellies on donuts from PV Donuts in Providence. They have new flavors every month so I was excited to try August's flavors. They even have a few vegan flavors, which makes things even sweeter since Cody and I recently decided to drop all animal products from our diet whenever possible. Not that I'd let that stop me from enjoying a delicious heavenly donut...

The selection at the counter is a work of art!
Ready for their closeups: a filled cinnamon bun donut, chocolate caramel potato chip old-fashioned, and a vegan strawberry pop tart donut!