Thursday, August 3, 2017

Grab a Slice (ModCloth Sweet Spot Skirt)

Ever since That Day That Shall Not Be Mentioned in the ModCloth universe (aka ModCloth being sold to, a Walmart company), I haven't spent much time on their site or buying much from them. To be fair, I didn't choose to do this because of the sale. I actually haven't bought too much from ModCloth at all lately, mostly because they have been releasing less and less quirky prints and doing more and more Forever21 style clothes.

So many people were OUTRAGED by the sale of ModCloth but I mean, whatever, that's business. The company I work for was bought by Dell (EMC turned Dell EMC). The world goes on!  I don't think TOO much will change for ModCloth (it's not like they will start selling Walmart clothes or vice versa - though I'd be down for a ModCloth department at Walmart! Why not??) but some have reported seeing ModCloth changing for the bad already anyway so would it matter in the end?

Anyway, all that aside, when ModCloth celebrated it's 15th birthday, I took a look at their special sale in honor of it. They offered an additional 30% off select styles and while they had some cute things, I noticed the select styles expanded to, oh, maybe 20 items. It was...weird.

But, regardless, I spotted this skirt in the list and not only was it adorable, it was already on sale. In the end, I got it for roughly $35 and that makes me happy as pie!

Other than the fact that the skirt's name bums me out (hmm...perhaps a new change since the sale?) the skirt itself is quite adorable. Though I miss the punny names (Sweet Spot Skirt? REALLY?), I am all for a skirt covered in desserts!

I don't normally like cherry prints but the pie slices and the ice cream cones are just precious. How could I resist?? I even have the print as my desktop wallpaper! Now I can match my work computer!

The fit is pretty true to the ModCloth label. Some complained of it running small but I found it to be accurate. I ordered a large since my squishy middle has definitely leaned toward the measurements of a large as opposed to medium. I am glad I did. It was a bit bit on me upon trying it on but since the skirt is made of mostly cotton, I just shrunk it in the dryer and it fit a lot better. I don't know if the medium would have been too snug but one thing I have stopped caring about is the size I order.

Yeah, sure I'd LOVE to be a medium forever, but I really don't want to risk it not fitting comfortably just because I don't want to admit to ordering a size large. Why? Does ordering a large scare me because of what that word technically means? Please! It means NOTHING!

No one can see the tag on the inside of my skirt! With every store and brand varying in the way they do their size chart, sizing means NOTHING anymore - I'd rather go by the size chart and opt for whatever letter or number will fit me best.

I spend enough money on these skirts/dresses. THEY BETTER FIT ME WELL, DAMMIT!