Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You Hold the Kiwi to My Heart (LindyBop)

Well, it sure has been a busy few weeks!

Between Red's upcoming nuptials and everything that's involved there (bachelorette, bridal shower, and more, oh my!), my biggest show/booth coming up in just 2 weeks time, and making plans with friends and family that we haven't seen in awhile, I have been pretty non-stop!

Because of that, I will be keeping a once a week blogging schedule instead of twice weekly. I've been sneaking in photo shoots where I can (these photos were shot after work one day last week, for example, and that fun experience was documented on Snapchat - follow me if you want in on the behind the scenes: Saralily47ra) and so far managing the once a week cadence without too much stress so we'll stick with that for the next month or so until things die down.

I leave for Amsterdam on September 12 for work with some vacation time connected to it with Cody down to Paris to meet Anna and Florian for a few days. It's crazy to think I am a mere 12 days from my trip! We've been talking about it for months!

This will be my third time to Amsterdam (as well as exhibiting at the IBC conference) but this is the first time I am the lead event manager and in charge of the entire presence (booth build and design, strategy, off-booth activities, planning calls, etc.) and it's been quite the lift and learning experience.

It will definitely feel really good to see the booth in fruition and get the show started on the 15th of September. Then, once the work is done, it's off to Paris for a few days! Ahh! Needless to say, it's been quite a busy end of the summer!

You know what my favorite part of this end-of-summer craziness has been? THE SALES!

I've been doing pretty good holding back from impulse buying and really have only been taking advantage of sales and good discounts this summer so when LindyBop threw their annual end of summer sale, I splurged a bit and got a few things.

One thing was this Audrey dress covered in kiwis. What a yummy dress! I sized up and ordered a US Large  (UK14) in fear the US Medium (UK12) would be a bit snug (yay for being an in-betweenie!). I should have known the Medium would have been best though as I have an Audrey dress from LindyBop and even sized down to a UK10 before.

Oh well! The Large was a bit roomy (the fabric has a bit of stretch) but one trip through the washer and dryer was all it needed. It shrunk just enough and fits much better.

It just goes to show that LindyBop's size charts are usually pretty accurate. Sometimes, depending on the dress, their size chart can change so I always check the size chart on each item I am buying before adding it to my cart as sometimes I can size down or size up if something is super stretchy or running smaller than usual.

Have you caught any end-of-summer sales? If so, where did you shop and what did you score?