Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Very Valentine's Picnic with the Bernie Dexter Nicole Dress

I recently suffered from one of the worst ailments a girl could ever suffer from in her life time. It's something we don't talk about enough. Some think it's embarrassing or that it makes them look bad to others. It's something we ignore and just try to pretend it isn't happening, hoping that in time, we'll just feel better and it will all be OK.

But guys, we can't just ignore it. We can't stay silent. It truly is a problem and I've been struggling for the past couple months, trying to pretend I was OK. Now I want to talk about it. I want to share my struggle so others suffering can know they're not alone.

All right. Here goes...

I, Sara Lily, have been suffering from Stage 2 Severe Dress Envy.*

Oh WOW does that feel good to say!

When this red gingham Nicole dress from Bernie Dexter hit her store this past fall, it didn't make my heart skip a beat right away. But then I saw other babes wearing it as it got colder outside and that was when my first symptoms started to show. I ignored them, because at the time, they were so slight, I didn't think it meant anything. I was in denial of what was forming.

But then there we were, post-holidays, and I found myself struggling BIG time. It was starting to become painful and I knew I couldn't ignore it any longer - I NEEDED THE RED GINGHAM NICOLE DRESS!

As it turned out, one of my fellow Bernie lovers had my size and was looking to trade it for a different size that would fit her better. I didn't have one to offer her but spotted the size she wanted for a great sale price on Unique Vintage and told her that if she wanted to sell her current dress so that she could go snatch the one on sale, I'd be happy to take the one she didn't want off her hands.

And just like that, a fellow Bernie babe cured my ailments. She is a miracle worker, my life safer, my Dress Doctor! She is now rocking the red gingham Nicole in the correct size and, hey, I am, too!

My little peanuts, it was just a gosh darn miracle I survived. It was a close call, really.

Because I was able to find the medicine to abolish my plague, I can happily share the red gingham Nicole as the first (of many) Valentine's Day themed looks! Because, really, does this dress not scream Valentine's Day picnic in the park to you??

So it may be a bit cold for a picnic in the park this V-day but there's nothing wrong with an indoor picnic! Hey, no biggie, I'll just light a fire, put some marshmallows on a stick, and get cozy and romantical with my man!

I mean, why not? I am a cured woman with a second lease on life and I am ready for some Valentine's fun!

*Please know that this post is entirely meant to be silly, fun, and lighthearted and if anyone who is reading this really is suffering from any kind of ailment or disease or knows someone who is, my heart goes out to you and I hope you are not offended by m y goofiness. I understand I can never truly know what you are going through but I hope I was able to put a smile on your face!


  1. The dress looks adorable on you! And I'm glad you were able to be cured ;) Living the gif at the end, too!!

  2. Bahahahahaha this cracked me up so much. That is exactly the kind of dress I 100% would want. It's amazing. And perfect for your start of Valentine's day outfits!! And girl. That last GIF. SLAY.

  3. Haha! What a silly lady. I'm glad nothing is really wrong with ya! :)
    And I'm glad you finally got your hands on this Nicole! I wear mine so much.
    It looks great on you, and I love all the red you paired it with! Never too much red, am I right?

  4. This dress looks wonderful and suits you so well...love the red gingham and style of this dress! xo

  5. Haha, I know that feeling when it comes to clothing sometimes :P
    I'm glad that you got the dress because it looks freaking amazing on you!!! Love love love the stockings and shoes with it too! You are gorgeous x

  6. I've not been keen on this style because the sleeves looked like a weird loose fit, but you've convinced me it can look awesome! We all need a bit of cheerful gingham in these never ending winter days, for sure...

    1. Thanks, girl! You know, I can see them being a bit loose on you as you're a thin gal. But I also bet the smaller the dress size, the more narrow the sleeves are. I say it's worth a try because it's such a comfortable style and they're so cute!

  7. Just discovered your blog and, wow, it's like catnip to me! Your fashion style is very appealing, your sense of humor is delightful and your posts are entertaining. Love the Marilyn moment in your last photo. I, too, suffer from severe dress-envy.

  8. Loving the gif!!

    This is such a fab dress, and I'm totally in the mood for an indoor picnic now! I might need to tell Dave we're picnicking for Valentine's Day. Though that's not too different from our normal dinners, which we usually eat while sitting on the floor in the living room watching Netflix. Our lack of a dining room makes me think that dinners every night in the living room is perfectly acceptable.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the weekend!