Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Q: How Do You Make a Milkshake?

A: Give a cow a pogo stick!

Hilarious jokes aside, I was so tempted - SO TEMPTED - to title this post "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard" but, you know, not the right message I am trying to convey on this teeny tiny corner of the interwebs.

This milkshake dress has caught my eye numerous times in the last year or so. I've seen a skirt version as well. I believe it's originally from Dangerfield, an Austalian clothing company, but I bought it second hand off on of the good ol' BST groups on Facebook that I am a part of (in fact, the lovely lady I bought it from is close to me - we live only an hour apart!).

I spotted this for sale and knew it was time to make it mine. While I don't typically reach for a mostly solid black dress, the milkshake border print is bright enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love that there are multiple flavors included - strawberry, chocolate, and more!

It was about a size or two bigger than I needed but that was solved easily by popping it into the dryer after washing it (yay for it being 100% cotton!). It actually shrunk it a decent amount. It's still a bit big on me but not terribly so. In fact, I don't mind it the way it is. It can be added to the cute and comfy section of my wardrobe!

I was also very excited to wear my new shoes. I snagged these pink beauties during BAIT Footwear's Black Friday sale but I don't wear my little BAIT heels much in winter so these had yet to be worn. Worth the wait, they're a perfect match for this dress, don't you think?

And of course, I had to wear my Erstwilder milkshake brooch. Was there ever any other brooch to consider??

If you live anywhere near New England, this past weekend was a treat (oooo look at me, making puns again!). Starting last Wednesday, the sun was out, the temps went up to the 50s and 60s, and then on Friday and Saturday it even hit 70. Summer in February? Well, all right!

While I do so enjoy winter, it was a nice break from the snow and cold. I ditched the tights for a few days, got to leave the coat and scarf on the hook by the door, and rolled the windows down in my Juke for every errand I ran. It was great!

How long will it last? No one can know. It's gotten a bit cooler again this week, with temps down in the 40s, but that's nothing compared to previous weeks (brrrr!). Perhaps it will remain this mild for the rest of winter? I just know better to not get too comfortable - we always have at least one more snow storm that sneaks up on us just when we think it's over for the year.

Fun fact - I had a snow day on April 25th once back when I was in junior high. Yup. Boston.

Moral of the story here is that us Bostonians simply can't tell how long this surprise Spring time will last so I am going to spend my time wisely, ice cone in hand, wearing milkshakes on my dress.

Ready? Let's play a game of find the incredibly annoying (yet adorably irresistible) boyfriend...

He's charming, really. So, so charming...