Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Little Miss Sunshine: The Isa Brooch from Isa Duval!

Does anyone else beside me wish they had a little sidekick? You know, the same way Lizzie McGuire did - a little animated version of herself to provide witty comebacks and snarky thoughts.

I think it'd be fun. You'd have someone to talk to at all times and wouldn't have to resort to talking to yourself all the time (psh, I don't talk to myself, YOU talk to yourself!). ALSO, she could say all the things you WISH you could say and you wouldn't get any of the backlash because you could just blame your sidekick!

I immediately thought of this sidekick theory when I discovered Isal Duval on Instagram. I immediately visited her website and fell in love with her brooch designs. Located in Paris, France, Isa Duval creates female sidekicks of all kinds in the form of beautiful acrylic brooches.

From a sassy Pan Am stewardess catching her next flight to a chic beret-wearing Parisian bombshell in a bob, Isa Duval's brooches are just the adorable sidekick we all need - pinned right to our dresses!

Isa was extremely kind enough to send me one of her brooches - her self-inspired Isa brooch! I adore my new little pal - from her cute blue glasses over her big blue eyes, colorful outfit, and flower in her hair, she is the perfect match for me!

I received her in an impressively quick 4 days time (she came all the way from France, after all!) and when I opened her, I immediately had to grab my camera and photograph her on her own - she was totally deserving of her own close up prior to being worn.

Each detail is perfection and the quality surpassed my expectations greatly! Isa Duval knows what she is doing and her attention to detail really shows in her final product.

One of the most impressive things about Isa Duval's brooches - besides how gosh-darn cute each one is and how well made they are, of course! - is the expressions she manages to capture in each one. Each gal has so much personality, it's extremely difficult to pick just one favorite out of the bunch!

To celebrate my new brooch, I knew I wanted to style an outfit that the Isa brooch would approve of!
In honor of her yellow and orange hues, I pulled this vintage beauty out of the closet for a spin.

I don't wear it often (I am so scared to wear my true vintage dresses often in fear of them getting damaged) but when I do get to wear it, I just love it. The attached orange sash/belt is my favorite detail but the color combination is a close second.

The yellow and oranges are just so sunny and bright - much like my little Isa brooch herself!

Don't we make the cutest pair?

Thinking about getting your own adorable sidekick? Isa kindly sent me an exclusive promo code to offer my little peanuts. From today through February 28th, use code GIVEME5 when you shop for 5€ off!

The Isa brooch was sent to me by Isa Duval in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. 


  1. Love it! Everything about the outfit and brooch is so bright and sunny and just what we need in February :)

  2. Wow that brooch is so cute and I love how you have styled it with that gorgeous dress you are wearing! The blue accessories go so well with the oranges and yellows in the dress and brooch! :)

  3. Such lovely brooches! That dress is so amazing, I love the colours! Beautiful x

  4. What an amazingly gorgeous vintage dress! I understand why you're afraid to wear it too much. Someday I will get my paws on a vintage dress. :)
    The brooch matches so well, too!

  5. That dress is to die for! Can we just go on a vintage hunt one day? There are a few good spots here in Boston, but if that dress is any indication of the vintage scene where you are then sign me up!

    I've always wanted a little sidekick after watching Lizzie McGuire! That brooch is way too cute and I love how perfectly it goes with that dress.

    xo, Helene

    1. YES! Anytime, girlfriend (I take it we need to hang out soon!)! This one is from an Etsy shop but I would love to see what Boston has to offer. Let's plan a date soon =)