Thursday, February 9, 2017

Eat Your Heart Out!

Next week is Valentine's Day - I hope you're all ready! While Cody and I decided to have a low key Valentine's Day next week with homemade fondue for two, it doesn't mean I can't turn the volume up to 11 on my outfit choices leading up to the holiday.

What better way to turn it up than with an insane amount of glitter??

I saw this skirt and stopped short in the aisle. I looked at it for a good five to ten minutes before deciding to buy it. Part of me felt it was way too much (because, come on, it's a pretty loud skirt!) but a big part of me was jumping for joy. I mean, it's RED and has glitter covered hearts all over it! How could I leave it behind??

OK, I'm gonna let you in on a big secret here - this skirt is actually from the girls' department at Target. Yup. I bought a skirt from the girls' department.


It's just  not fair that younger girls get to have all the fun. They get all the cute, colorful, sparkly, and fun options. Meanwhile, over in boring town (aka the women's section), you get mature clothes without a single sparkle in sight. It's why I rarely buy my clothes in store. Online shopping is the only way to go when you dress like a walking retro cartoon character!

With an elastic waist, this skirt thankfully doesn't have to be limited just to kids. Score! A large fits my waist just fine and now I get to join in on the fun. Why don't they make fun holiday themed garments for the adult section? You're letting me down, clothing industry!

I'll be honest - this isn't the first time I've done this. In fact, I bought this exact skirt last spring when it came in ivory and gold for Easter. Same exact style, same elastic waist, same fit. BOOM!

Sure, the skirt is supposed to be maxi length on the young ones but it's no big deal, really. Pulled onto my 5'2" frame, it becomes a perfect midi length skirt.

If it were a bit more full, it'd be perfection with a petticoat slipped beneath but I'll take what I can get. The skirt, with a lovely layer of glittery-heart-covered tulle on top, has plenty of twirl-ability, with plenty of sparkle to spread around - quite literally!

Cody isn't too happy with the amount of red glitter we've got scattered throughout the house right now. Oops. Sorry, my incredibly handsome and oh so sweet boyfriend!

So what are your plans for Valentine's Day? While Cody and I technically have nothing planned, we do have plans for after V-day. In a couple weeks, on the 21st, we have tickets to see the queen, Dita Von Teese in Boston in her show, "The Art of the Teese." We don't have the greatest seats but it'll definitely be a fun night in the city.

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