Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Scarlett Fever (Collectif)

What is it about trench coats that make you feel like a badass when you're wearing them?

I've never owned a trench coat but now that I have this Scarlett trench from Collectif, I feel all kinds of dangerous when I am wearing it. Especially when I also have a pair of heels or boots on! I wore it for the first time to meet a friend for lunch (a fellow co-worker that also got laid off from my previous company!) and I immediately had "Power" by Little Mix in my head as I walked to my car and climbed in behind the wheel.


For those who don't know the catchy female empowerment jam I am referring to, see the video here. I have a handful of Little Mix songs in my repertoire these days after working out to them at Jazzercise. They're so catchy and make great dance routines! 

I will cut in here to warn you that, unfortunately, this dress is out of stock as it is an older item. I actually ordered it WAY back in January or February when Collectif had their fabulous end of winter 50% off sale. My girl, Jen, asked if I had my eye on anything on the sale before she checked out for she wanted to get free shipping and was THISCLOSE to it but had nothing else on her wishlist to buy herself. I tossed the coat her way and looked forward to having a new spring jacket.

WELL, WELL, WELL - in comes COVID and my spring jacket dreams got abolished.

Sadly, with the pandemic, Jen and I didn't see each other after that sale! In fact, we didn't see each other for the entire last 6 months or more. She kept good care of my coat, however, and recently, we reunited with a short visit in their back yard on their spacious patio for some snackage and catching up, where I was finally able to put on my new coat!

It's no longer a spring coat but now a fall coat - and I LOVE it! I ordered the large and it fits nearly perfectly. The sleeves are nice and loose and LONG! It was a smidge snug when I buttoned it so to make room for layers, I simply moved the buttons over a bit and VOILA! The perfect fit was obtained!

It is SO hard to buy coats and jackets when you wear retro style. With my love of petticoats and full skirts, if a jacket's length is beneath my waist, it just smooshes everything down. When I find jackets with full skirts to accommodate a fluffy dress, I pounce. 

I found a Steve Madden winter coat a couple years back with a full skirt on ModCloth and I will wear that puppy til the day I die. All of my lighter jackets are short but this trench coat is just a DREAM to wear with my dresses. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. 

Assuming I have anywhere to go all dressed up again!