Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Fall Foxes (Smitten Kitten Unique Boutique)

I'm going to preface this post by saying what we are all thinking - these are the most fall-in-New-England photos ever taken. I know. I KNOW! The lake, the leaves, the colors on my dress, and the cute little foxes snoozin' among the acorns and fluttering leaves. 

What can I say? I LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND!

Last week, I had a lovely chat with Harley from Smitten Kitten Unique Boutique. We griped over how terrible women's sizing was, shared our favorite designers and prints, and she shared some photos of her new dresses she had made to sell in her shop this fall. 

They were adorable and 100% cotton and I was, well, SMITTEN! Harley kindly sent me two of her new ones for me to try and I am now SO excited to see what she does next because the dresses I received are fantastic! 

She has a whole line made out of this adorable fox fabric, perfectly called Oh So Foxy. This button-front dress (that has SUCH a full skirt!), a peasant-style top, and a skirt. It is SO fall and the little foxes going about their day among the leaves are just too cute for words. 

As we discussed sizing, we both agreed the XL would be best for my measurements (these days I'm more or less: 40" bust, 33" waist). I am glad we went with the XL - it fits PERFECTLY. Like, as if it were made for me perfectly. I love when that happens!

What is it about a shirt dress that is just so lovely? Anyone else favor a good shirt dress? Whether it's sleeveless like this one or features 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, or long, if it has a collar and has a button-front (or zip-front!), I am going to fall head over heels. 

Bonus points if the dress has buttons and doesn't have any annoying gaping! This one miraculously fits my burst PERFECTLY so no gaping for me, which is such a lucky result! 

Dress aside, I do have a book update for you all! I have received my book back from my editor and am now working through all her edits/suggestions to produce my final manuscript (WOOT FREAKIN WOOT!). I am so excited to be doing this for myself. 

After writing novels for nearly 20 years (yup - I started writing books when I was in middle school!), I feel like my younger self would be so proud to hear that I took advantage of my free time and am self-publishing on Amazon. It's time to get my book into people's hands - and I don't need an agent to do it!

So stay tuned! You know my little peanuts will be the FIRST to know when it's launching. You know I have to reveal the cover on this blog with an outfit post inspired by it, right? OF COURSE I DO!