Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What's New, Emma Lou? (Lindy Bop)

Everyone who knows me knows my love for a good full circle skirt/dress with a fluffy petticoat beneath it. In fact, I've worn petticoats for nearly everyday for as long as I can remember since I began wearing them about 3 years ago or so.

So when I shop online, I tend to scroll past dresses or skirts that aren't full enough to accommodate a petticoat. However, when I saw this Emma Lou dress on the Lindy Bop website when I was springing for the duckling skirt a few weeks back, I sort of broke all my rules.

How could I not? The colors on this dress are TO DIE FOR. The blues and purples look divine together - contrary to what my brain would initially believe without seeing it - and the style of the neckline/sleeves/bodice was just so pretty.

Though definitely more 40's style than my typical 50's/60's, I couldn't help myself. Especially because it was on sale (and still is) for just $29! Totally worth it for such a beautiful dress - one that is fully lined as well!

The dress is made of polyester, which I have come to dislike, but it is not the shiny kind of polyester at all. Just a silky and soft polyester that I can definitely deal with. The lining of the dress is super soft as well, which is nice! And while it's skirt does not accommodate even the slimmest petticoat in my collection, I am not mad about it. The delicate and flowy skirt on this dress is just gorgeous and it's such an easy dress to slip on and walk out and about in.

I am DYING to find a gray/blue or maroon shoe to match with this dress. I bet the right shade of blue accessories would make the colors absolutely pop! 

I don't know about you but I am still in awe that it is MAY. We're halfway through it so you'd think it would have sunk in by now but I think April sped by so fast, I feel like we should still be in the thick of it. It's so strange!

We have about 6 months to go until our wedding and things are starting to come together big time! Cody purchased his suit and we'll be getting all the groomsmen squared away and fitted soon as well. I took my mother dress shopping and she fell in love with not one but two dresses and I was so relieved and happy that she found something she felt beautiful in. I haven't seen her smile that big in SUCH a long time. It was a great day.

Oh! And I FINALLY tracked down a jukebox to rent for our ceremony from a DJ in Connecticut (this was actually our biggest challenge thus far, believe it or not!) and we have our tasting with the venue/catering team next week.

AHH! Every time we finalize a detail, I just wish it was happening sooner! But I know all the anticipation and excitement will make the actual day that much more amazing. It will be the best day ever that is for sure!

How has your Spring been so far? What are you looking forward to most this year?