Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lemon Meringue Pie (Hearts & Found)

A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to win a $100 Etsy gift card from my fellow blogger, Kara from the Dressed Aesthetic, in honor of her 3 year blog-a-versary and, at first, I was sure it'd all go toward wedding related things like bouquets or a birdcage veil.

But then I was browsing Hearts and Found (as one does when bored and wanting to stare at pretty things to pass the time) and I started to feel as though my shiny new gift card would be better spent on a shiny new dress!

I have just 1 other Hearts and Found pretty - a gorgeous floral skirt - and I've been dying to grab one of her dresses. The problem has always been: WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?

I am definitely feeling the lemony yellow vibes lately, wearing all my yellow things and gravitating toward new yellow things. Maybe it's because summer is near and I am FEELING IT.

Either way, as I browsed, I kept coming back to the yellow. So yellow it was! I decided to get the Kelly dress so I'd have straps with ties (whenever a dress I order has thin straps, they always end up too long so adjustable is always a bonus!) and went with the bright lemonade stand yellow.

I'm just going to be 100% honest here - this dress is BEAUTIFUL! It very well may be the most beautiful dress I have right now. The cotton is so soft, the construction is flawless, and the fit is AMAZING. Hearts and Found can do no wrong!

Not to mention, the pockets provided are large enough for ALL THE THINGS!

If you need more evidence of this dress's perfection, I received probably the BEST compliment ever when wearing it.

When walking through the halls of the elementary school where my "Little Sister" goes (I recently became a Big Sister with the Big Brother Big Sister Program back in February), a soft spoken little girl stopped dead in her tracks as she passed me outside the cafeteria and told me I looked like Barbie.


I melted into a puddle at her feet and she had no choice but to mop me up and pour me down the drain. Because I was 100% dead. DEAD.

So there you have it - proof that this IS the most beautiful dress in the world. Just TRY to top being called Barbie. TRY IT, I DARE YOU!!!

Props to my Jazzersize gal pal, Pam, for letting me borrow this perfect umbrella after hearing I was braving the rain for these photos
It came in handy!