Thursday, November 16, 2017

Heart of Haute Holiday Spirit!

Is it a bit early to share holiday themed outfits? NO WAY!

At least, in my opinion, that is!

Besides, this outfit isn't TOTALLY Christmas-centric. In fact, I'd argue that it has much more of a winter lumberjack vibe! And it's starting to feel on the chilly side these days so I'd say we're certainly on our way to winter.

Ok yeah, I know, you're gonna argue with me about my brooch because it's a lovely lady decorating her Christmas tree. OK TOUCHE! YOU CAUGHT ME! I CAN'T HELP MYSELF, OKAY?!

This brooch is one I got last year from Small Victories Handmade and you might as well just go ahead and order one of her holiday releases because it's my favorite Christmas themed brooch and really everything Hannah releases is just downright adorable so why torment yourself?

Of course I reached for my reliable BAIT Footwear boots. If I was gonna rock a dress with slight lumberjack vibes, I was for sure pulling on some badass boots! I wear these puppies nearly all winter long. Cody's mom gave them to me for Christmas last year and they're the best way to stay stylish on the snowy/cold days!

I've been lusting over Heart of Haute's Dinette Dress in both red and blue. Honestly, I probably didn't splurge on one simply because I couldn't make up my mind. Then I spotted this red one in their sale rack and when they offered 40% off the sale rack recently, I lunged.

It was a steal! It was in the sale rack due to a small hole in the front but the hole is so teeny tiny, it isn't noticeable at all in this full circle skirt. In fact, it's hard to locate when trying to find it! So win win for me! Thanks a bunch, HoH!

Hmm...maybe there's a misfit version of the blue out there that will pop up in the sale rack soon. With the awesome way this one fits, I may need both colorways in my wardrobe real soon!