Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Song of the City (Collectif)


That was THISCLOSE to being the title of this post but then I thought better of it. Really, I'm a professional. Sort of. Not really. Ok not at all...

I'm discovering quite a few of my dresses don't fit me all too great these days. Surprisingly, no, it is not in the waist. Somehow, it's in the bust. A few of them have started to squish me and while I have been making it work, it doesn't look all that great.

I mean, hey, better to think my bust expanded than my spaghetti-lovin' belly! When I declared this problem to Cody, his response was surprisingly lovely.

"Well, then it looks like you have to get new dresses!"


Now, he wasn't handing me his credit card or anything so don't get all excited thinking I found myself the best fiance in the world. Not quite. However, his support of my dress collection is admirable enough. It's a pet peeve of mine when I hear of gals needing PERMISSION from their significant other to buy a dress. And I get it, not every gal has a job to support her dress obsession, but still. ARRRGGGHHH!

I laughed him off, thinking of our wedding deposits we have been making lately to book things like our venue, photographer, and band, but know what I did later that same day?

Yup, I bought two Collectif dresses - including this Billie Jazz Piano Swing Dress! I couldn't help it. I mean, LOOK AT IT! The sleeves (which fit like a DREAM by the way, not restrictive at all! Halelujah! It's a Christmas miracle!), the adorable border print, the deep v-neck (a detail that Cody appreciates for this apparently expanding bosom of mine), and full skirt!

I knew I wanted to rock it in the city (as opposed to just snapping photos in my back yard). We had an adventure around Salem this past weekend with Jen and hubby, Dave and I knew this would be perfect to wear! While I was cozy, we did pick one of the coldest days so far and poor Jen was shivering like a little chihuahua as we snapped photos. I'm such a mean friend, forcing her to pose with me in the cold.

We love seeing these two cuties (we're a bit obsessed with them so they are BOTH in our wedding party! Yay!) and we've been wanting to return to Salem ever since our first adventure there last fall. To avoid the Halloween craziness that happens there every fall, we went after the trick or treating was over and made a stop at Modern Millie's (as you do!) for some shopping as well as the "It's Alive!" exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Curated out of pieces from a huge collection of classic horror movie posters and memorabilia, all owned by Metallica's Kirk Hammett, pure terror awaited us at every turn. It was an impressive collection, to say the least, and we were glad we caught it before it closes after Thanksgiving.

I got some wonderful goodies from the shop that I can't wait to share with you - it's always so much fun shopping there. The Millie gals are SO much fun and they stock all the good stuff, making it very dangerous to step foot inside!