Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What's Sara Reading? Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory

Well it sure has been a hot minute since I had a "What's Sara Reading?" post so I figured it was time to talk about books. It's not that I haven't been reading a ton (I always have a book at hand - well, on my Kindle anyway!), I just haven't connected with much lately enough to want to write about it.

I have also been a little distracted/busy/focused elsewhere. The blog has definitely taken the back burner a bit since this summer. A lot shifted in my life after my car accident in June and I think it's slowly showing me how it has been affecting parts of my life.

Like this blog, for example. I have been posting mostly once a week for the past couple months, which is odd since I love this blog and I love sharing my stories, fun outfits, and yummy food with my little peanuts. I just lack a spark lately and it shows in my planning when I sit down to put in the work.

I thought it was due to the immense amount of work and stress I had in late summer/early fall with my trip to Amsterdam but it's lingering still and I am unsure why. It makes me think back to June and I am starting to wonder if I am subconsciously putting my people, my experiences, and just life in general higher on my priority list - pushing this little blog further down the totem pole.

But that isn't what I want to talk about today! It's this beautiful Dolores Doll dress from Collectif and this fantastic book I just finished called Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.

Spoonbenders is about the amazing Telemachus family and all of their unique special powers. The book rotates POV through each family member so the reader gets a glimpse of their lives. I love this way of writing - it leaves no mystery to the reader even though there's plenty of mystery within the story.

There's Irene, the human lie detector who is trying to juggle running the crazy house her family resides in (as well as constantly comes and goes in) while trying to also find time for herself to do things she deserves to do - like find love on the internet.

Matty, Irene's son, has discovered he is capable of out of body experiences - though to do so he must either be high or aroused. You can guess this is quite challenging for a teen to manage while figuring out how his abilities work.

Uncle Buddy, Irene's brother, who is so withdrawn from everything, seemingly in his own world, but is really psychic (like the family's now diseased matriarch) and has the ability to see the future - his own, in particular. What seems like activities that could send him to the loony bin are actually him preparing for something a bit larger, but I won't ruin it for you.

I could go into every family member but this would become one long post! I'll leave it to you to discover should you pick up a copy. And you should! It definitely falls into the fantasy realm but it's not over the top or too magical. While the book is about a family with powers, it reads like a normal everyday piece of fiction, which is pretty much the only way I ever get into fantasy books (hello, anti-Harry Potter gal here, remember?).

Spoonbenders aside, I am quite smitten with Collectif lately. While I am terribly in-between sizes in most brands these days, I am still solid in Collectif and have been turning to them for splurges more and more these days. They also throw quite a few spectacular sales so I will definitely be taking advantage as they happen.

I loved the colors of this Dolores Doll dress the moment I saw it. It fits wonderfully and only has a smidge of extra room in the shoulders. I can still wear it comfortably so I call it a score. And surprisingly enough (and what a relief), the sleeves are not snug at all! Quite roomy, in fact!

My one qualm about this dress is its length. The skirt clocks in at just about 28" long, which is LONG for a shortie like me at 5'2". I tend to max my length out at 26" so I very well may get it hemmed over the winter when I am less likely to wear it.

It doesn't look TOO bad here but when a skirt is longer than 25"/26", it just feels like too much on my frame and then I feel as though I look like I am playing dress up in mommy's clothes. Does anyone else have that problem?