Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cardigan Cozy (Modern Millie Shop)

I can already tell I am going to get a lot of wear out of this adorable strawberry cardigan!

Not only will it look adorable over dresses like this gingham Nicole dress by Bernie Dexter, I know I will die of cuteness when I pair it with my Tatyana strawberry skirt (talk about strawberry overload!) and even with just a simple pair of jeans and sneakers!

When I put this on this past weekend, I asked Cody if I looked more like a grandma with secret tissues stuffed up her sleeves. Luckily, he did not think that and instead, described my look as "a cheerleader from one of those old campy horror movies."

Um...okay, well, I'll take it, I guess?

I've now seen these sweaters being stocked in quite a few places but originally saw it when Modern Millie's in Salem, MA shared it on their Instagram about two weeks before Jen and I would be visiting their shop. It was fate!

I was slightly worried it'd sell out by the time we go there but luck was on my side for a change and when we got there, I found the cardigan cozied up on their sweater rack in the back. It was there, waiting for me.

The medium fits me perfectly, albeit a smidge on the loose side here when I am wearing my waist cincher. For the everyday wear, though, it's just right. I may have been able to wear the small if I wanted to wear it unbuttoned but since I knew I'd want to button it up most of the time, I went with medium. I feel like the buttons would just end up gaping with the small.

I think my favorite detail is how they included strawberries on the sleeves. It's one thing to have them all over the front of the cardigan, but to also include a strawberry on each sleeve? That's amazingly adorable and I appreciate that extra detail.

The only thing missing? This strawberry purse!

Luckily, I had one already and funny enough, it is a Modern Millie purchase from this past Spring! Funny how that happens!

I am only sharing this one post this week as the Thanksgiving holiday is Thursday. We swap between my family and Cody's family every year and this year it's Cody's family's turn! We're heading out to Plymouth, MA and will spend the day at his Uncle Kenny and Aunt Marianne's house. We haven't seen a lot of his family since our engagement (though we face-timed with most to share the news) so it'll be fun to tell them our plans and fill them in on the details.

What are your plans for this week? Lots of family? Lots of shopping? I, for one, will be busy on the BAIT Footwear site - all my bridesmaids (as well as myself - for the reception, anyway!) will be wearing BAITs so, though a bit early to do so, we will all be buying our shoes on Friday to save some money! I'm such a considerate  bride, after all ;)