Wednesday, October 18, 2017

French Kiss (Lady V London Elsie Dress)

I never ever thought in a million years that I'd love a wiggle style dress as much as I love this Elsie dress by Lady V London. I bought it in August in preparation for my big trip to Europe to add to my booth uniform wardrobe.

The green and blue hues in the dress match our corporate colors and the more corporate style of the dress fit the business casual attire we decided on for staff in the booth. All the while being a super pretty dress? Winner winner!

When I tried it on before takeoff, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved it regardless of its original purpose! I'll be wearing this one frequently! Not only does it fit really well, it looks damn good (if I do say so myself) and I feel really good in it - and that's the most important detail!

How pretty are these colors? I just adore the print as well. And it fit in perfectly in Paris as I posed on the side streets just outside our hotel. I loved the side streets the most when in Paris. the stone streets, the colorful walls and doors, it was all just so lovely and so unlike the suburbs we live in here in Massachusetts.

It's been almost a month since our trip to Paris but I am still kind of floating to and fro. Partly because since then it's been so busy but also because it's quite hard to fully believe I am now engaged and Cody and I are planning our own wedding.

It's one thing to be wishing and hoping and secretly daydreaming about doing it and then all of the sudden to be ACTUALLY planning it. I am in my happy place, essentially!

The plans are only just beginning but luckily it seems as though Cody and I have very similar visions and feelings for how we want our day to be like so that's a good sign. I don't see many disagreements coming for us (we joke that I could do it all and simply hand him an invitation so he knows when and where to be) and I think he may enjoy planning it more than he lets on...

But speaking of weddings, last week my best friend, Red, whom I write about constantly here, got married! It was a ton of fun and I got to experience being maid of honor for the first time! We laughed, we cried (we cried a lot, actually), we danced our butts off, and I can't wait to photograph my maid of honor dress and outfit for a blog post soon and talk all about the details! It was on Friday, the 13th so you can imagine the fun she had with that! In fact take a look at the EPIC sneak peek her photographer shared already:

And now, for a treat...I always have bloopers to share if Cody is behind the camera - he's the king of continuing to snap photos even as I break to explain to him what I want to do next...