Friday, October 24, 2014

The Holt Family's Fall Portraits - Introducing Baby Daniel!

I've known Lori for years. She was one of the first friends I made in college my freshman year - we met when I joined Framingham State College's (now University) Right to Life League, a club for those who are pro-life and want to promote the message that every conceived baby deserves to live. It was a small club - hardly radical - and was mostly, a small group of loving people supporting each other. Lori was one of the members along with 4 or 5 others. Funny enough, I believe her husband, Sean, had been a member at some point as well! Obviously, they met in college as well. So meeting up with them to take some family photos along with newborn photos for their newest son was also like a little college reunion!

Lori and Sean have been the sort of friends that I don't get to see often but feel like they are very much a part of my life due to social media. Lori and I comment on each other's Facebook posts all the time and always seem to make sure we both know of each's other's friendship that way. While social media has its qualms, I do love that it keeps me connected to friends like Lori. She's not far away but we've both got busy lives. Things like Facebook help keep us connected for sure!

I have actually photographed Lori and Sean's daughter, Delaney, when she was a toddler and I still worked for a photography studio. Since then, Lori has always expressed interest in having me take their family portraits so I was so happy that we finally decided to do it upon Daniel's arrival and spend some time together with my camera.

The Holt kids are just downright precious - Delaney and her little brother (well, now he's a BIG brother!), David, look like adorable blond twins and now they have a teeny tiny nugget of a baby brother, Daniel. Yep, you read correctly - three Ds! How cute is that? Better yet, why didn't my mother think of that? I love when I meet families that keep a theme to their children's names. It feels so unified and close.

It was a breeze photographing little Daniel. He had only reached 10 days old this past week but he did great! I was worried that the slightly cooler weather would bother him but he seemed content and warm in his adorable striped sweater and slept through his solo shots! Watch out Lori, I see a model on our hands.


I met the Holt family in Natick, MA at the Bacon Free Library. I'm not kidding and, no, that is not a typo. It's really called the Bacon Free Library! Before you start asking, yes, it was 100% bacon free. Not one piece of bacon in sight.

Okay, now that the bacon jokes were had, I can get back to the Holts.

I never know what to expect with a newborn and two siblings under 6. Often, it's pure insanity. We had some silly moments in the leaves, but I was actually very impressed with how well Delaney and David listened and played along as we took photos with their new baby brother. They were gentle and happily snuggled up for some photos with him.

Talk about cuteness overload!

We picked a great day, too. It's starting to get chilly here in New England but the day we met up, it was bright and sunny and warm with a slight chill in the breeze. The leaves at the library were yellow and orange and practically glowing. Couldn't ask for a better backdrop!

Congratulations, Lori & Sean. Daniel is so stinkin' cute. You're lucky I didn't zip him up in my camera bag and drive off with him! I am so glad I got to hang out with you this weekend and loved capturing some beautiful moments with your family. Hope to see you soon!