Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

My two other halves

Happy Happy Halloween! Or if you're not so into Halloween - Happy Friday! See? There's always something to celebrate.

Halloween is a pretty cool holiday. It's not my top favorite (that's Christmas!!!!) but it is definitely in my top 5. Why? Well, lots of reasons! It kicks off the holiday season with a bang (Candy? Costumes? Cute kids in costumes?), you get to play dress up as an adult and it's acceptable, and you hopefully get to go to some parties!

OOOO! Quick joke! What comes before part B? Partaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Sorry. Actually, no I'm not, and those jokes aren't going anywhere. I am full of them!

Back to what I was saying - so Halloween usually comes with parties. Awesome parties! I never liked parties but now, as an adult, I have definitely gotten into CERTAIN parties. I love to host parties of the Birthday or dinner variety, and attending Halloween parties is certainly fun as well. These days, we tend to hit up the same parties.

My co-worker and close friend, Jamie, LOVES Halloween. She is the Halloween Queen to my Christmas Cookie. She throws a Halloween bash every year and when I say bash, I mean BASH! Now, I don't mean the parties rage on until the sun comes up (although, sometimes we're there pretty darn late!) or that the house gets so packed you can barely move. But Jamie has collected the solid group of awesome people and we all show up on Halloween to have a great time.

Jamie always covers her counters and tables with crock pots keeping a variety of foods warm and her back porch is used to set up a plethora of coolers to store all the alcohol that arrives with the guests. There's usually a punch bowl or two as well containing the magic potion of the year - which I always drink a liiiitttttttle too much of. What can I say? The gal knows how to throw a party.

My Halloween Queen & party hostess, Jamie!

The best part about Jamie's parties is that if you don't come in costume, she WILL bring you upstairs and put you into the costume of her choice. This gal's got quite the collection at this point so it is always wise to come with your chosen costume. You just never know what she'll pull out of her closet.

Needless to say, Cody, Red, and I had fun this year. Cody was a typical man and hemmed and hawed over a costume. He didn't like any of my ideas and I refused to give in and be a sexy something to suit him (seriously, why should I wear lingerie on Halloween just because I'm a girl? NO!). So we just did our own thing this year - meaning, my costume was well planned out and he decided the night before. THAT was fun.

I have wanted to be Minnie Mouse for years. She is my favorite animated female. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a Minnie Mouse costume. I'm not kidding. A few years back, I wanted to just find a red dress to use and create my own. NOPE! No red dresses with white polka dots ANYWHERE. This was before online shopping became the norm so it was challenging. I was a car-less college student so going to a Halloween store wasn't easy. A year or two later, tried to just go to the store and buy a Minnie Mouse costume. Nope! They didn't have it either. It was so frustrating! Minnie Mouse is like the most classic costume - yet nowhere to be found! Online, you could maybe find one (if you wanted to pay mucho mullah for it) or you'd find Sexy Mouse - HELL NO!

So this year, I was overly pleased when I realized THIS WAS THE YEAR! I found 3 different red dresses with white polka dots on ModCloth alone. YES! Thank God the vintage/retro look is "in" now. Otherwise, who knows? I'd still be struggling!

Red had the best costume, hands down. She wanted to be Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. You always see the space themed Miss Frizzle and I am used to the food themed Miss Frizzle due to the fact that I had a doll growing up (she had freakin' sandwich earrings and forks and knives on her shoes. She's my wardrobe idol!). We changed it up, though. Red and I found a red dress at our local Savers and we then ransacked the AC Moore down the street for all kinds of arts and crafts supplies. A couple of iron-on print outs later, she had herself a kick-ass arts and crafts themed Miss Frizzle!

I was so jealous, not going to lie. She rocked it! I even dug out my sister's Liz doll from the attic. No way would we go without a REAL Liz.

Cody decided on being a zombie hunter. I found this amusing since my original idea had a similar theme. I wanted him to be the Mickey to my Minnie - only Walking Dead style. I wanted him to be Zombie Mickey and I would drag him around on a chain, making him my pet. Everyone BUT Cody thought the idea rocked. Oh well. Maybe next year...

I hope you all get to have a rockin' Halloween - even if it's just a quiet Friday with Netflix's collection of horror movies. Go make some mummy dogs (umm seriously, could these be any cuter?), eat a little too much candy out of the trick-or-treat bowl, and stay up super late in case there are ghosts in your room. Have FUN!