Friday, October 17, 2014

Poppy England: Adorable Stories You Can Wear!

How, oh how, did I live for 26 years without knowing about Poppy England

I learned about Poppy England from one of my fellow Instagrammers - the adorably quirky and dress-loving Kat Pachniuk, or dictiocanary. I was scrolling through my feed one day on my lunch break, as I always do, when BAM! I spot her post promoting her latest blog post, featuring Poppy England. 

I owe my new obsession to you, Kat! Cheers, girl! Thank you for bringing Poppy England into my life! From Kat's post, I ventured to the Poppy England website, where I immediately fell in love. Over and over and over. This happened repeatedly the more I perused their website. 

So wait. They design and print their own fabrics in-house and their clothes are made to follow a story about a girl named Poppy and her little pup? Love! 

Image courtesy of the Poppy England website
Hold the phone. You get a little storybook with your order that goes with your items? LOVE!

Okay, okay, HOLD UP. They make their clothes in womens' sizes as well as little girls' sizes, making your little girl your very own mini me?! LOOOOVE!!!!!!!

Image courtesy of  Poppy England
I nearly fainted with glee. I also suddenly wished I had a daughter of my own so I could buy us both an adorable dress and we could go out on the town looking like such happy and adorable twins. 

I don't have a daughter (or know any little person to dress up and take around town with me) so I didn't get a little outfit but I did get a skirt for myself - the Elspeth Skirt London Print in Raspberry. I purchased it and began to wait. Poppy England is based in the UK and as I am in the US, I expected to be on pins and needles for a bit. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when a week later, I heard a knock on my door and it was the most beautiful FedEx man I ever did see - OK, so he was a normal FedEx man, but the package he handed to me put sparkles in my eyes! 

My skirt was here!

There's so much I can gush about Poppy. For one thing, their packaging is adorable! The little storybook that came with my skirt is adorable! Even the tags on the skirt are adorable! Have you gotten the hint here? ADORABLE!

I just cannot get over the fabric. I spent a good 15 minutes with my new skirt, looking at the print and just taking in the details. It's just too - you guessed it - adorable! When I wore it to work, it was funny how I kept catching folks' eyes drifting to the hem of my skirt as we talked. I didn't blame them! How can you NOT want to stare and follow the London street scene all around the skirt?

Poppy England is run by two gals - Bryony and Hannah - and I have decided that these ladies must be geniuses. Adorable geniuses. I also want to be their friend. And make them bridesmaids at my future wedding. OK, that might be going too far...

I felt so feminine and happy and, well, adorable in my skirt - all the things I love from a new dress or skirt. The fit is spot on, the print is vivid and crisp, and there are POCKETS. It is essentially all the things that make my heart go pitter-patter.

Basically, what I am trying to say is: keep me away from Poppy England. I don't know if I can be held responsible for the pile of dresses that may appear on my doorstep.

Keep up the - wait for it - adorable work, Poppy England!