Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh, My Vintage: Capsule Vintage

I discovered Capsule Vintage the same way I discover a lot of my favorite places on the interwebs - Instagram. I didn't lie before - I love me some Instagram! A friend on my feed had posted about Capsule Vintage's special sale to help raise money for an adorable puppy named Oliver to get an expensive surgery. So hold the phone - I can help a precious pup AND get an awesome vintage dress while doing so? Well, how could I say no to that?

I visited the shop soon after seeing the promo and was so glad I did. I immediately knew I was in trouble - puppy fundraiser or not -  because WOW! I've visited a handful of vintage shops online, in person, and at flea markets but have never been as impressed as I am with Capsule Vintage's quality of inventory!

Image courtesy of Capsule Vintage's Facebook page
Capsule Vintage is an Etsy shop that I now frequently visit. It is owned and curated by Sonja Gajic with help from her partner, James, and little Oliver, that adorable pug mentioned above. What's cool is how CV constantly adds new frocks to their shop. Not only are they new dresses - they are absolute BEAUTIES!

I am still blown away at the items Capsule Vintage adds everyday. They are are all just so stunning. I've never seen such quality vintage items from other shops - especially online.

I especially love seeing the sneak-peek-style images she posts on social networks for dresses that are coming soon. The color-coordinated previews always make me swoon, being the organized freak that I am. They certainly do their job as I am always jumping right on Etsy to see if they're still available for me to snag. I say "still" because, often, the gorgeous dresses get sold before they even hit the store! How? In the comments section! I'm not kidding! Sonja, the darling that she is, will sell a dress to you right on Instagram if its meant to be. I love that! This just means I have to be on my game if I want to score.

Here I am in my Capsule Vintage score!
Speaking of scoring, I did recently! As I mentioned earlier, I partook in the sale to help Oliver a month or so ago and got myself a lovely new addition to my dress collection. I found Capsule Vintage to be reasonably priced without the sale so the extra percent off was a sweet bonus! I received the dress pretty darn quickly and wish I had taken a moment to snap a pic of the packaging but I was so excited, I didn't even think of it until it was all shreds on my kitchen floor! #SorryNotSorry?

The dress came wrapped in such pretty tissue paper with a little lavender pouch and tied up with the vibrant ribbon included with the dress. I am a big fan of little details so Capsule Vintage received major kudos in my book.

It probably goes without saying, but I am so in love with my dress. The colors, the sleeves, the soft fabric, all of it! It is in such good condition for vintage - it makes me giddy! I pulled it on and felt like I belonged in the Sound of Music. I walked around all day singing, "I am sixteen, going on seventeen..." 

I will definitely be buying from Capsule Vintage again. With constant new additions to the store, great customer service, quick shipping, and great quality, why not? My closet might not like all the new items I will be squeezing into it, but it will have to make due. It always does!

Image courtesy of Capsule Vintage's Facebook page
On Capsule Vintage's Etsy page, Sonja says, "We sell high quality, feminine clothing, shoes and accessories for women who love to wear a little piece of history everyday!"

Well who can disagree with that mission statement? I am in!

If you're a vintage lover, dress over, pretty things lover, go go go check out Capsule Vintage. You won't be sorry!

Since writing this post, I've given in and ordered two new dresses from Capsule Vintage. I KNOW! It's just too hard to resist! Each purchase was as easy-peasy and awesome as the first. One of the dresses was a lot of fun for me. It was an adorable cotton dress (reminds me of a play dress) that had big pockets and big shiny buttons on the front and on the collar. One of the buttons in front was different than the others and for me, the perfectionist that I am, it couldn't stay. Then inspiration hit! I had found these adorable food themed buttons at Michael's a few weeks back and had no idea what to do with them. Here was my chance! So that night, while I watched a Netflix movie, I took off the two buttons on the collar, replaced the mis-matched button on the front with one of the buttons from the collar, and then sewed on some fun food themed buttons to the collar as well as the pockets. Check it out:

Who can say no to pancakes, waffles, bacon, and eggs? I know I can't! I love when I snag a great find but love it even more when I can add to it and make it my own! Now I know I say that no one else has a vintage dress covered in breakfast foods!