Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fern Gully (Lady V London)

I feel like a broken record in the sense that every time I post lately, I make some reference to the weather in New England and how Spring is on its way but like, can you blame me? I think New Englanders keep repeating "Spring is on its way!" with the hope that it actually is and that any day now, the sun will stick around longer than one day.

In reality, though, it has started to feel as though it's actually not...


I spent a short 8 days in Las Vegas last week for our annual booth at NAB - one of our largest shows and one I've worked on for 4 years in a row now. It's a large project to manage and frankly fries my brain by the end but it's always extremely rewarding when it kicks off. This year, planning started after Thanksgiving so it was a major relief to see the booth up and running on day one of the show.

Amidst all that crazy, Lady V London reached back out to me about a Spring collaboration. Some of their new Spring separates have been released and there are so many new fun skirts in their shop to drool over. Not only does Lady V have a plethora of circle skirts available, there are now pencil skirts and now, new tulle skirts.

One of these new tulle skirts arrived at my house while I was away and I couldn't wait to try it on and give it a whirl (or shall I say, twirl?). So I wore it over the weekend, where I had no plans whatsoever besides a 90 minute full body massage that left me feeling a bit drunk upon leaving. That's how you know the massage was good. Needless to say, I was a puddle on my couch for the rest of the day.

As far as my feelings on this skirt go, I was worried that like some other tulle skirts, it'd be scratchy and not that great of quality but I am happy to report that LVL does their tulle skirts right. The tulle layer is not even close to being scratchy and is made extremely well.

I stepped into the dark side a bit when I opted for this blue fern skirt. I don't often wear this much black these days but it felt fun to vamp it up a bit. I was also happy to find the blue hues of the skirt to be much brighter in person than on the site - I do love me some bright colors!

Like my other items from Lady V London, the skirt's fit is spot on. I ordered my usual UK12 and it fits like a dream and zips without any challenges (skirt zippers, am I right?).

The layer of tulle hangs over the lining of the skirt and the way it catches the breeze is just delightful. It feels like I'm strutting on a wind blown runway with every step. I love a skirt that moves with you! It's dreamy!

Before I go, here are a few shots from the show for those interested in that side of my life. Here is our booth and all its glory before the show opened (40 feet x 40 feet) and another shot of it open for business halfway through the first day (hello, crowds!):

The Blue Fern skirt was sent to me by Lady V London in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.