Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cacti On My Mind (Hell Bunny)

One thing is for sure - Cacti is a THING this Spring. Everywhere I look on social media, I see more and more cactus prints. From Collectif to Emily and Fin, repro brands have caught desert fever for sure!

Hell Bunny is in on the hype as well and released both a darling dress and skirt in this fabric. With polka dots dancing between each adorable cactus plant, the print was quick to win me over. I loved the pastel green, orange, and pinks throughout. They're such a nice contrast to the black backdrop of the skirt.

I was so torn between the skirt and the dress. I think it's great when brands offer options but man, it can be so HARD to pick! I went back and forth quite a bit before opting for the skirt.

I STILL wonder if I should have gotten the dress but I think the skirt will be fun for the Summer (gee, what IS Summer? I don't know that I even remember what warm weather is like...) when I can wear it with all kinds of fun tops, etc.

For now, while it's still only semi-thawed outside, a sweater was a better match than a fun tank top. Just in time for these photos, I received some fun new MAK Sweater cardigans, including this rusty bronze one. It's buttery soft and is a longer lovely v-neck style than their most popular cropped cardigan. It's a nice change and I can totally see this style becoming a staple.

Outfit aside, I've been busy! After returning home from Las Vegas just a little over a week ago, things did not slow down. Nope, they may have even sped up! Ahh!

There are some BIG changes coming in the next week or two (more on that in a week or so) but some fun stuff has happened as well! This past weekend, Cody and I got to see our wedding band, Clique, perform at a pub in Boston, where they were playing a gig.

We got to get our groove on and get a sneak peek at what we'll get to see at our reception and we had so much fun! Jen and her hubby, Dave, met us there and enjoyed themselves as well. They're both in our wedding party so it was fun to check Clique out with the two of them.

The pub got insanely crowded so we didn't stay for their entire set but it was all good - Tasty Burger was right around the corner and we were itching for a midnight milkshake and a "Big Tasty" to wrap up the evening right.

What did you do this past weekend? Anything fun??

This cardigan was sent to me by Cocopelli Love for MAK Sweater in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.