Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Signs of Spring: Birdy Brooch

Someday soon, Spring will show itself.

In true New England fashion, one day we'll be blessed with a warm-ish day of 40 or 50 degrees and we all get hopeful that maybe - just maybe - it's finally warming up for good. Then the next week, we get hit with 6 inches of snow and are all thrown off track again. Like the day I took these photos - it started to snow on me as I snapped away. A freak snow squall that took place while just down the road, still in my line of vision, it was sunny as can be. WELL, OKAY THEN, NEW ENGLAND!

You'd think we'd all be used to it by now - but we're not.

Still, we hold onto the hope that yes, the snow will eventually stop and the sun will stick around. Now that it's April, I feel like even the biggest snow bunnies (myself included) are itching to ditch their tights and winter coats.

In honor of the upcoming Spring, I wanted to introduce you all to a new brooch company I discovered recently! Birdy Brooch is located in California and every single beautiful bird brooch you see on their website is handmade to order by owners and married couple, Karina and Andrey.

Good luck picking your favorite - as I browsed their catalog, every bird was even more lovely than the last! There are single Birdy Brooches showing off their feathers as well as coupled Birdy Brooches - some sharing a delicate smooch.

I was offered one of these beauties to review and I chose one of the smooching Birdy pairs. Perry & Grace stood out to me - their delicate pastel blues and yellows just screamed Spring to me. I usually got for bold and bright colors (all of which Birdy Brooch has to offer) but for some reason, the softness of this one really called out to me.

I received my brooch and it was just as precious as I expected. It made for the perfect Spring themed look in anticipation of some warmer weather. I wanted something simple and feminine to go with this brooch. My polka dot skirt from ModCloth worn with my pale yellow MAK cardi and BAIT shoes matched perfectly with Perry and Grace.

I don't often do a lot of blue (though as I say this, I feel like it is becoming less and less true these days!) so it was fun styling an outfit with different hues than I am used to.

My one caveat with Birdy Brooches is the turnaround time. Because the artist who creates the brooches is in Russia, it can be up to 3 weeks to receive your brooch. Part of this is shipping time but part of it, from what I understand, is creation.

I am all for a made to order system but it's tough being patient for your beautiful brooch to arrive! I'm not including this to dismay - just a head's up so that when you order, you are aware of when to expect to receive your beautiful birdy!

I definitely see a lot of birdies in my future - with nearly every color combo available, I think having one for every outfit sounds reasonable, don't you? Be sure to check them out - I can't wait to see more vintage lovin' ladies rocking these Birdy Brooches!

The Perry & Grace brooch was sent to me by Birdy Brooch in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.