Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hail Away With Me: Tatyana Elizabeth Dress

Guys, I'm gonna be honest with you. I've lost all patience with all things and all people. I'm totally burnt out and it's just barely the middle of April - my busiest month of the year.

For those who don't know, I am an event coordinator for my company, EMC, and 2nd quarter (especially April) is peak tradeshow season. We're just downright swamped. How swamped? I have 3 events in April - two of them in Las Vegas.

I had my first show in Boston last week and though it was small and I have done it before, I was pooped by Friday. And now, we're in the final week of planning for our BIGGEST show in Vegas, NAB, and it just might be the death of Jenn and I.

The final week is when it all goes on fast forward - meeting requests come in like rapid fire (I manage 6 meeting rooms on site - we get over 200 requests), our attendees come at me with all these final hotel reservation changes (I also manage our staff room block of over 80 rooms), and all these little last minute details pop up out of nowhere.

Needless to say, we're SO ready for this show to be live and then over.

Among all of that, I also have 3 girlfriends getting married between April and May. Um, WHAT THE WHAT? While fun, all the activities surrounding these weddings are just enough to really push me over the edge of anxiety.

I just gotta keep breathing.

My third event is at the end of the month. So yeah, an event every other week. I got this. I do. I can TOTALLY survive the marathon of travel. For an introvert prone to anxiety, it's draining, but it's part of the job and I will conquer it all!

Anyway, all THAT realness aside, I recently snagged the Elizabeth dress from Tatyana on sale and was overjoyed. It was one that I passed on getting ages ago and then regretted it when it was too late and out of stock.

Luckily, Tatyana restocks! I saw this beauty come back and when a promo code circulated, I didn't hesitate to scoop it up.

I am always nervous getting a dress that has so much white but I just adore the yellow collar so much! It's darling! It's the perfect match to the best shoes that ever wore, my BAIT T-Straps. If I could have this style in every color, my shoe collection would be complete.

Oh and would you believe me if I told you that when I took these photos, it suddenly got super cloudy and started HAILING?! No lie. It may even be visible in some of these photos as I kinda kept shooting through it (I was under a tree and slightly covered) and just laughed because...REALLY, NEW ENGLAND? IT'S APRIL! GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER!

I mean, I'm one to talk. If I manage to survive this month with my stuff together, it'll be a true miracle...