Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Mini Me & Me: Custom Vixen Pinup Brooch from Lillian Madison!

Did you know that you could get a brooch made to look like a mini pinup version of yourself? BECAUSE YOU CAN!

I heard about Lillian Madison and her custom Vixen Pinup Brooch from a fellow Instagrammer, Flippa Bird, and immediately visited the website to check it out.

For $40, you can order a completely customized brooch of your mini vixen self - hair color, dress color, and skin color! How fun is that?

Of course, I had to try it out myself. Then it took me FOREVER to decide what color dress I should put my mini me in. I decided to go with a sparkly red. I wear a lot of outfits that involve red details so I knew if the brooch version of me was wearing red, she'd go with a lot.

It was wonderful working with Angelina from Lillian Madison. She was quick to reach out to me about my order to discuss the choices I made for my brooch. I had asked about adding glasses and even though it couldn't be done in the end, I appreciated how Angelina actually did try to draw on a pair but was honest with me about how it looked and what she recommended.

We decided to not add glasses and even though I could never walk this earth without my glasses, I think my brooch still resembles me. Just a version of me with perfect vision and a little more oomph to my curves!

For this post, I wanted to make sure my mini me was the star of the outfit. So I pulled out my new favorite black skirt from LindyBop (the bow on the waistband is precious!) and paired it with my leopard print cardigan from H&M for a little va-va-voom.

Obviously red pumps, petticoat, and lips were a must if I wanted to do my little vixen any justice!

Cody dislikes this cardigan and tells me it just makes him think of old cat ladies but whatever, leopard print is so NOT an old lady print!

Perhaps he just never saw me wearing it this way....