Friday, September 4, 2015

It's a Girl! (Guest Post on Eccentric Owl!)

Did I scare you a little with that title? Sorry...but not sorry, because even though I have not given birth to any kind of baby, Kristina over at Eccentric Owl sure will be! Kristina and her hubby are awaiting their baby girl's arrival (the poor thing is like 1,000 days over due at this point) and I have the honor of guest blogging during her blog maternity leave today!

Be sure to see my guest post over at Eccentric Owl today, where I am talking about how much fun I'd have if I were to have a baby girl while showing off a recent LindyBop score during one of their surprise summer sales.

And don't forget to leave Kristina lots of love and congratulatory wishes while you're there!


  1. Great guest post!! I love your dress and it's retro waitress vibe, I have always wanted something like it, and yours is the perfect mix of colours, prints and style! You look great!

  2. So it's official that my free time is now so limited now that I've started my semester :(. BUT... on the bright side you get to receive an entire weeks worth of comments from me over the weekends now as that's the only time I have to catch up on blogging. And thank goodness for autopublish, it's the little things we come to appreciate as we get older haha. I just visited Kristina's blog and saw your guest post and absolutely LOVED it, and her! And something tells me that a certain lady may have baby fever, but who knows! This dress is super gorgeous because it's got a total babe that's modeling it. You rock sista! Sorry for my mass commenting too but I like it because I get to give a lot of love all at once!

    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs