Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stripes, Flowers, & Long Weekends, Oh My!

While I am currently occupied in Amsterdam (at this moment, I am most likely standing in a very stuffy convention hall with my hair thrown up into a bun, setting up our booth with my planning team - all very glamorous, I assure you!), I thought I'd share with you my second LindyBop score from a recent surprise summer sale.

Whenever I see a sale from LindyBop I always jump at the chance to add to my collection. Their prices are already so affordable compared to most so a sale is just a cherry on top.

I had been eyeing this version of their Audrey dress for some time now. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the combination of stripes and flowers but then I started to really love the different shades of blue.

I actually don't own many blue dresses! In fact, I own so few that I don't even have a single pair of blue shoes to match a blue outfit. So the more I started to like this dress, the more I longed to have it - even if it's sole purpose was to expand my blue wardrobe!

I wore this last weekend while visiting my parents for Labor Day. In my Tuesday post (if you've forgotten, my sister's Crab Rangoon Quiches were featured), I shared how much my father loves his summer holidays.

I might have worn this to please him and his American Working Man pride but also it had spent far too much time hung up - it needed to be worn!

How was your Labor Day weekend? Anyone do anything special on their Monday off?

Cody and I were quite busy! We visited my parents for some Labor Day fun but we also attended my cousin, Rachel's, wedding! It was our first wedding to attend together and we had so much fun. I chose to wear my Unique Vintage Dress of the Month Club dress from August and it was the perfect fit. I totally spaced and forgot to bring my petticoat with me but in the end, it was better that way. We worked up a sweat dancing!

It doesn't take a lot of coaxing to get Cody on the dance floor. It's one of the things I love most about him - he isn't afraid to have a good time and if that means dancing, then he shall dance! And dance we did!

It was such a great night. Rachel was beautiful and the whole day was just perfection. Cody and I even got a hotel room for the night (even though it was only an hour or so away from home) and made a little itty bitty getaway out of it. It was just what we needed before I left for my trip.

Who doesn't love a good wedding?

Stay tuned for more on my adventures in Amsterdam! I maaaaay have even splurged on a new petticoat to represent my company's trademark color - EMC blue (did you catch a peek at it up above?)!