Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Warm & Fuzzy (Asos)

Ya'll know by now that I love scoring beautiful things at awesome prices - it's why I often share how I find items in Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook. Retro gals all over the globe selling items that either don't fit properly or have been worn but are in excellent condition?! Yes please!

You know what they say: another gal's discarded beauty is another's treasure...

Wait, did I mess that up? No, no I don't believe so!

Anyway, once again these BST groups have helped me strike gold! While I still suck at selling anything on these groups (a big part of it is that I am what you'd call "straight" sized - I am a medium/large, one would argue one of the most common sizes, and there's no much of a demand for that size compared to a XXS or XXL and up), I sure do find some good treasures every so often!

Heck yes I'm referring to this beautifully bright blue coat! LOOK AT IT!

It is not true vintage - it's actually Asos brand, if you can believe it! - it sure does give off some vintage vibes. I love the big side pockets with the flaps, the large shiny buttons, and the adorable collar. And let's not even BEGIN to try to put into words how I feel about the color.

Even though I knew the coat would be a size or two too big, I went for it. A kind woman from the UK sold it to me and I received it just as it started to finally feel like winter around here. It fits just the way I hoped - I don't like coats to be too fitted. Sure, they look cute that way but what could I fit under a fitted coat?

Winter in New England = layers so yeah, a fitted coat wouldn't do. This looser fit will work just fine with the icy temps and LOOK HOW PERFECTLY THIS VINTAGE BROOCH MATCHES!

I like pairing a brooch to every coat I have (I've gotten into the habit of designating 1 brooch to 1 coat and keeping it that vs changing it up every so often) and I immediately thought of this one when I tore my precious coat out of its packaging.

As for the overly fluffy gloves on my hands? Well, let's just say they were found at Target in the kids' section. They JUST BARELY fit my hands but at 30% off, how could I resist such ridiculously adorable gloves? THEY'RE SO DAMN FLUFFY AND WARM!

What have you scored lately - ridiculous or practical?