Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cherry on Top: Our Engagement Photos at Joey's Diner

As a photographer, style blogger, and all around creative retro gal, I have been looking forward to our engagement photo shoot forEVER. I mean, I was fantasizing about it way before we were even engaged.

Through the years I had many ideas for locations (the Brimfield Antique Show, a musical instrument shop, cooking class, etc) but as my idea grew to have a retro diner themed wedding and Cody agreed to the theme I knew I wanted to have our photos taken in a throwback diner.

Well, it turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Sure, there are plenty of cool diners in the area but while the outside was cool, I was looking for a unique inside - one with vinyl booths, a jukebox, and colorful decoration all around. THAT was asking for a lot!

The first diner I approached turned me down instantly (boo, whatever), the second seemed into the idea but then ghosted on me (wow, thanks!), and by then, I was frustrated. I turned to Facebook and gathered recommendations from my friends.

My gal pal, Christina, referred me to Joey's Diner in Amsherst, NH. Just about an hour away and full of retro decor (a jukebox AND a classic Coca Cola machine!?) and the exact booths I imagined in my mind (that red and white vinyl!!), I knew it would fit the bill! So I gave them a call, turned on the charm, and hoped for the best.

Well, shout out and major thanks to the manager at Joey's, Frank. He was totally down for it, let me know what day is their slowest day (therefore his preference), and we agreed on the time. They're open from 7am to 8pm so coming in when it was closed was out of the question.

Instead, we went in on a Monday afternoon between rushes so that the diner was as quiet/empty as possible.

Some wondered why I bothered calling ahead for permission or why I didn't just go and take photos whenever we damn well pleased. It's not that I refuse to take photos with others around (you know I am not shy!) but I did it as a courtesy.

I didn't want to intrude or bother any of the other guests. I also didn't want other guests in the background of my photos without their consent or wish to be, you know? That is why I wanted to speak with the managers before just showing up and taking photos.

In the end, it all worked out PERFECTLY! We ventured on up with my girl, Karina, from Oh Karina Photography, ordered some classic diner food, and went to town snapping photos all over the diner. With hardly anyone there (our timing was PERFECT), we practically had the place to ourselves. It was JUST as I imagined and was everything I hoped for.

Karina is just amazing at what she does and blew me away with all the final photos - if she wasn't such a good friend of mine, I would have hired her to photograph my wedding in a heartbeat! We decided that we wanted all our photographer friends to ATTEND our wedding, however. That is WAY more fun for them!

I love ALL the photos from the diner and it was SO hard picking my favorites to share. Ahh, it just makes me even MORE excited for our wedding to happen! Come on, November, get here faster!!