Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Melonie Melonade (Hell Bunny)

Well, HELLO THERE, JUNE! You came in with a roar, didn't you? Gotta love the 90 degree days and muggy nights that seemingly came out of nowhere, am I right? 

While I am happy to see summer coming around the bend, I AM NOT READY! I never am, though. I am not a fan of being sweaty and every year it's alarming when it hits. As if it doesn't happen EVERY YEAR. Oh well. I suppose some of us block it out of our memory once we are freed of its grip in the fall.  

Knowing the sticky, muggy, yucky humidity is on its way, I am getting my wardrobe ready to fight the battle. I've got my usual lineup of breezy sundresses but when I saw Modern Millie share this adorable jumpsuit by Hell Bunny this spring, I WANTED IN ON THE JUMPSUIT TREND.

I typically stay away from rompers and jumpsuits. I mean, let's just call out what we are ALL thinking - PEEING IN A JUMPSUIT/ROMPER IS RIDICULOUS. Yep, sure, let's pull down my entire outfit to use the toilet. LOVELY. But they ARE dang cute.

I didn't order it back when I first lusted for it. Not because of the bathroom debacle, necessarily, but for the fit. I assumed I'd be good with a large but with my short frame, I had NO idea how it'd fit or look and I did NOT want it to look stupid. Better to not, I thought.

BUT THEN! A couple weeks ago, I found myself in Marblehead for some beach R&R and realized we were just MINUTES from Modern Millie's! So I stopped in, messy beach hair and all, and did some shopping. My eyes found the Hell Bunny jumpsuit and my heart went pitter-patter. So I tried it on.

And, my peanuts, LOOK AT HOW DANG CUTE I AM! It's PRECIOUS!! I am glad I didn't order it, though, because, despite my assumptions, the medium ended up fitting me best! The elastic waist makes it a breeze to pull on, the straps are adjustable, and I don't even feel the need to bother with a bra. IT'S THE ULTIMATE HOT SUMMER LOOK!

I loved being back at Modern Millie's after being away for at least a year and a half (oh gosh, maybe longer!?). As always, the gals were extremely helpful and a joy to chat with and it felt good to be among all the pretties. It's always a treat to get to try dresses ON for a change! Truly helped me reach my watermelon jumpsuit dreams!

What can I say? I am TRULY embracing my Hot Girl Summer 2021.