Tuesday, June 27, 2023

#BathingBeautyBombshell week (Meet.Curve)

Well, well, well - long time no see! Things are, erm, different since I last posted. I know, will my life ever chill with the dramatic changes? It doesn't seem so! Since my last post, I ended my serious relationships, packed up my entire life into a storage unit, crashed at my sister's house for 5 months, got approved for a mortgage, got rejected by too many sellers to count, and finally (FINALLY) bought a townhouse in Western, MA in late April (want more of the journey? Head to my Instagram @dressesanddonuts and peep the highlighted story on my profile!). 

I KNOW! What a whirlwind! Never a dull moment...

Now that all that is out of the way, let's kick off what I am calling #BathingBeautyBombshell week! Meet.Curve reached out to me recently about a collab and I got really excited to share with you the bathing suits they sent me. Like me, they are all about body positivity and being size-inclusive. They cater to the curvy gals and have an abundance of SUPER cute bathing suits of all styles (one-piece, two-piece, bathing suits with sleeves, bathing suit ROMPERS, and even more styles than you can even imagine!). 

When I spotted this Floral Print Retro Women Bikini Top With Sleeves (!!!), I was flabbergasted. Bathing suits can have SLEEVES!? Color me intrigued! It was SO cute and with its matching High Waist Swim Brief, I knew it'd be a swimsuit I'd feel confident and super adorable in. 

AND I WAS RIGHT! OMG, I feel SO cute in this suit. While my measurements fall on the XL size chart, it is on the smallest end and so I went with L as bathing suits always stretch and I am glad I did. This suit fits PERFECTLY. 

I won't lie, I was a bit nervous to take these photos (I mean, I hardly EVER wear bathing suits let alone photograph myself in them and post them to the internet!) but I won't lie, I felt like DaBomb.com as I posed and snapped away and I think it comes through in these final shots. I mean, out of all the ones I took in different poses, I would have NEVER guessed that the ones I liked the most would be the sitting-down ones! GASP!

But look at how cute I am - all of me! - from my chubby uppers, cute round tum tum, and thic thighs!? Hashtag feelin' myself. 

Wanna partake in this bombshell takeover? Put on your suit, gimme your best pose, and share your pics with the #BathingBeautyBombshell hashtag! And go snag a new suit from Meet.Curve with discount code: MEETSARA10