Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Greatest Gift of All (Sarsparilly)

 WTF, it's May!? When in the world did THAT happen? And did I just blog two weeks in a row!? The moon must be full! Mercury must be in retrograde! You get the idea...

I'm back at it with another beautiful Sarsparilly dress. This one BLEW ME AWAY. Fresh from their new Love collection, the Gift dress is quite frankly, a masterpiece. The sateen fabric is such high quality, the bow detail on the neck is exquisite (not to mention tacked down so it stays flat wear after wear!), the peekaboo at the chest is sassy, and the button at the top of the neck in the back is an adorable detail. 

The dress is perfect for short gals. I was amazed to find it fit me perfectly, even with my short torso. I think a taller gal will find the waist to hit them a bit high. However, it was as if it were made for me. But it wasn't! I selected an XL and it fits me so well. 

I think the only negatives I could find are the fact the pattern doesn't line up at the seam and the zipper is meh. But that's pretty typical and are annoyances I am very used to tolerating in the dress world. Michael was enlisted to assist with the stubborn zipper for the first time and got to experience it. I told him "welcome to my world of dresses" as he is now my official dress zipper since moving in. 

Yep! You read that accurately! I moved in with Michael a couple weeks ago and it has been QUITE the whirlwind. Our kitties are...well...not quite pals. YET! We've been SLOWLY (painfully so) introducing them to each other and getting them familiar with each other's smells, etc. 

Bringing cats together is a very slow process and we still have ways to go but are making progress! I don't know if they'll ever be BFFs (oh but how adorable it would be if they were!) but hopefully, they can learn to live with each other at least peacefully. 

Cats aside, it is SO nice to merge lives. I'm in a new city, a new part of the state, and am out of apartment living. I won't miss it. Ha! I have been having fun decorating my office slash dressing room (currently Ruby's room as well, it's a bit of a squeeze right now) and we've been busy setting up the house the way we want it with all our merged furniture. 

I'm happy it's spring! Perhaps the warmer weather and these Sarsparilly garments will inspire me to blog more! Maybe...